*HOT* Lowe’s: Area Rugs for $10

Update: This link appears buggy right now – it’s possible this deal is dead now. 🙁

Holy smokes!

Lowe’s has 32 area rugs on sale right now for $10.


They range in size from 5×7 to 8×11.

I just ordered two — I couldn’t decide which I liked better. I’ve been wanting a bigger rug, but didn’t have the money saved up. $10 from my blow money? I can do that!

Select ship to store to bypass shipping charges.

(I really, really hope this isn’t a pricing error. And that these will actually ship. Buyer beware. This is more than 97% savings.)

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  1. I’m PRAYIN’ no bright bulb calls Lowe’s or it gets pulled. *Please* MARA YOU ROCK!

  2. Links didn’t work… 🙁

  3. THANKS! I’ve been talking about getting a new rug for our play room for about 3 years now… the patterns were not necessarily my first choice, but perfect for the price! I really really hope they honor it!!

    I’ve never done in-store pickup before- do they contact you when the item is in the store?

  4. Wow!!! I just ordered 4!! I really didn’t have time Erev Shabbos to sit and decide! I figure I can always get rid of a couple on Craigslist if I don’t like them! Thanks so much!!!

  5. Rebecca Resig says

    just ordered a rug for pickup in the store. I guess I will find out when I get there later!

  6. Hmm it’s not working; I think they noticed it as an error and are trying to fix it?

  7. In a FB group I’m in someone called b/c she was having trouble getting through online. She says they claim it’s a mistake and looks like the deal is gone.

    Mara, do you know if they will honor the sales that went through?

  8. They can’t be added to your cart bummer 🙁

  9. Mara, you are the best I ordered 5 as soon as I got your tweet. How do you find these great deals?

  10. I got the deal by going to Lowes.com, search for “area rug”, and then sorting by price. There were about 15 to choose form for $10. I just checked and couldn’t find any at that price.

  11. I ordered one while the link was still working, store pickup. Would you be able to find out if they are going to honor the purchases? If not, will our money automatically be refunded to us?

    • Typically, yes, that’s what happens if there’s an order that a store doesn’t order. I have heard (this is just a rumor, based on what someone said on FB) that it will be up to the individual stores whether or not they order.

      Here’s hoping…

  12. Now I don’t even see any at $10. Mannn.

  13. Just went to order and the prices are in the $000s now. So bummed I missed this. Learned my lesson to jump on a deal like this.

  14. My local Lowes just called, said this was a glitch in their system. The rep asked me if I wanted the same rug at $160. (Uh, no.) Bummer.

  15. I was able to order only 2 designs earlier today with local store pickup. Just received an email from Lowe’s stating the price was an error, my order is cancelled, and I’d be refunded my money. Too good to be true usually is.

  16. I was able to order 2 rugs yesterday. I got a call today from Lowes Customer Service to tell me my order was canceled because the price was wrong online.

  17. Boo 🙁

    Important Information About Your Order

    Dear Customer,

    Due to an error, one or more of the Artistic Weavers brand rugs you ordered on Lowes.com were incorrectly listed as $10. Therefore, your order(s) will be canceled and any charges for these items will be refunded to the original form of payment. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have questions regarding your order(s), please contact us at the number below.

    Thank you,

    Lowe’s Executive Support

  18. And…over Shabbos my order was canceled. Boo!!

  19. I got the same call. I aked for compensation and they are sending me a $20 gift card along with the obvious refund as an apology. Couldnt hurt to ask.

  20. I’d love to know when the money will be refunded. They haven’t refunded it yet, and it’s been three days since they cancelled my order. Anyone else with this problem?

  21. I just received a receipt in the mail for my refund.

    I was really looking forward to my new rugs. 🙁

    • 🙁 Me, too.

      • I also received the refund receipt in the mail today. Someone on FB didn’t get through, and claimed they spent 38 minutes on the phone while waiting for customer service to pick up. It was clear that if she didn’t get one, she didn’t want anyone to get one either. She practically threw a temper tantrum. Oh well… we tried. It sure doesn’t make Lowe’s look good. Mistake or not… they made the offer. Someone I know that is a retail manager said that he didn’t think they could or would do that, but they did.

  22. Jessica Mahoney says

    My order got cancelled too. 🙁

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