*Hot* New AMF Bowling Coupons: $5 Off/Person + BOGO

Another update: Both coupons are all gone – at least for now. I’ll be sure to let you know if more become available.

Wow, AMF has just released two new bowling coupons. (I’m thinking their profit margin must be in the shoes or the food, since with all these free coupons, I don’t know anyone who pays to bowl anymore!)

5/10 Split Coupon – Get $5 off each person, good for up to 10 people, which can mean a total savings of $50! (Update: Because I’ve been asked, at least by me, $5 off per person with three or more people equals free bowling. Check your local prices, but if it’s not free, it will be very inexpensive.)

Buy One Get One Free – Buy one game, get your second game free. I’m wondering if AMF lets you stack coupons. If so, you could get both games free by using the 5/10 Split and the BOGO.

By the way, my husband has found us some great deals on bowling shoes online. I have to check with him, but I’m pretty sure our sons’ shoes were around $10 per pair, and his were less than $20. Given the amount of free bowling we do (including a weekly deal in the summer), we have more than saved our investment by buying rather than renting the shoes.

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  1. Please do share the bowling shoe deal if you can. I would love to get shoes for at least the grown-ups. Our kids bowl in league so their shoes are included in the bundle, but then we get 25 free games/kid and if either my husband or I use them we need to rent shoes.

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