*HOT* Target 24-Pack of Play-Doh Just $2.99

Remember earlier in the week? When I posted about the 24-pack of Play-Doh that was on sale this week at Target for just $12.99? And that there was a $5/1 Target coupon?

Well that deal is actually a lot sweeter because there is ALSO a $5/1 manufacturer coupon – and the two stack for a combined savings of $10, making your Play-Doh just $2.99.

Play-doh Fridge Pack (24 ct.) – $12.99 (Price cut through 2/18)
Use $5/1 Play-doh Fridge Pack Target printable
Then use $5/1 Play-doh Mega Pack printable coupon
= $2.99 after stacked coupons

Thanks so much to Toby and Batya for mentioning this over email and on Facebook.

I waited to post until I could get to Target and run it myself – just to make sure the coupons didn’t beep. NO BEEPING! This deal went through without a hitch, and I just got stocked up on Play-Doh.

The price cut is through the beginning of February, so you have some time to get it. But I’d print your coupons NOW. You  never know when they’ll disappear!

Thanks to Give Me Neither for the photo!

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  1. This is perfect! My daughter’s bday party is on Monday and this is exactly what I need for the gift bags. Thanks!

  2. Arent the fridge packs and the mega packs different sizes and prices? (the mega packs are 32 and usually over $20) Even though the coupons didn’t beep … If it’s not for the correct product that’s generally considered coupon fraud. I don’t mean to be a Debbie downer but companies and stores really crack down on ANY coupon use when coupons are regularly mis-used, whether on purpose or by accident. We should all read the coupons thoroughly and make sure we are using them correctly. Especially on a website that presents itself as a couponing website for religious Jews (whether or not the readers are Jewish is irrelevant) but the image you portray of the Jewish people by promoting coupon fraud is really not ok. We already have to work hard to fight against negative stigmas that have been placed upon us, we shouldn’t give anyone any reason to speak ill of us as a group. I’d like to think that this was unintentional but the way this post is worded makes me think otherwise. It’s really a chillul Hashem

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