How Much Money Have You Saved This Month?

{Warning: I’m about to nudge you a little bit, but I do from a place of wanting to give (and give and give) to Ride4Friendship, so I hope you won’t mind.}

How much money have you saved this month thanks to the coupons, store match-ups and deals I share with you?

If the answer is $10 or more, won’t you please consider sending back some of those savings to the Bike4Friendship to benefit children with special needs – and their families?

As I told you last Monday, Kosher on a Budget is sponsoring the Friendship Circle’s Bike4Friendship and I want to leverage my husband’s and my donation by encouraging all of you to give as generously as you are able. We will personally match your $10 (or MORE!) donation with another $10 – talk about leverage!

Learn more about this cross-country ride and my personal involvement in this amazing cause here.

And, please, think about donating at least $10 today to sponsor four miles of their ride. Plus, hey, you’ll get a super cool wrist band thanking you for your donation.

Thank you & tizku l’mitzvot!

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