How to Get Discount Tickets to Sporting Events & Concerts (Part 2)

This is a “guest” post written by husband, Frankie Sachs, former Sports Editor for the Jerusalem Post and current Managing Editor for the Euroleague. (Yeah, I’m a little proud. But really, that’s my way of letting you know he comes by his knowledge of sports honestly.)

When last we met, I told you about how we use Score Big to save big on our sporting events tickets.

But Score Big isn’t the only game in town. I’m also a big fan of StubHub, which I want to tell you about today.


StubHub is an online ticketing site where fans sell their extra tickets.

At StubHub, the ticket value is set by the fan, so for choice events it can actually be significantly higher than face value, though that usually isn’t the case. In fact, by the last month and a half of the baseball season, we could get Kansas City Royals home game tickets for no more than $1 a seat on StubHub.

Moreover, StubHub shows  you exactly where your seats are (unlike ScoreBig), so you can choose to pay a little more or a little less to be in different sections. And most of the time, the tickets can be printed at home too!

The downside to StubHub is the associated fees that come with the tickets. There is an unavoidable $5.45 charge for printing the tickets. Plus a $5 service fee. So the $1 ticket for a family of four instantly became $14.45.

At roughly $3.60 a ticket, though, that’s still a good deal on tickets that otherwise start at $10 a pop.

And now StubHub has gone a step farther by introducing a new rewards program. Sign up for StubHub Fan Rewards and you will get a code good for free delivery on your first purchase (an instant $5.45 savings!), 2% in rewards towards future purchases, and member-only emails with promotions and discounts. There’s even the promise of a birthday surprise.

There is also a “Superstar” level for those that make 10 purchases (or spend $2,000) in a calendar year.

Another great StubHub feature is that you can set “alerts” – so, for example, I named my price to see if I could get tickets for Mara and me to go see Bruce Springsteen.  (Mara told me no more than $25/ticket – it’s not easy being married to “Ms. Kosher on a Budget”.)

What’s the best deal you’ve snagged on tickets to a sporting event or concert?


  1. So did you see The Boss or not?

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