How to See KOAB in Your Facebook Feed

In their constant algorithmic tinkering, Facebook seems to have happened on a winning (not) formula that prevents loyal, long-time KOAB readers from seeing several (if not all) updates in their feed.

I wish I had insider information on why this is happening – or the ability to tell them to knock it off.

As a consumer of Facebook myself, I know how annoying it is to see tons of “paid promotions” in my feed instead of the content I actually want (like updates from my friends)!

While nothing is a magic bullet, there are a few things you can do to hopefully increase the odds that you’ll see KOAB updates, despite all these Facebook fluctuations:

#1. Regularly interact with KOAB on Facebook – When you “like” status updates — or better yet, “Share” them, Facebook takes that to mean that you care about getting KOAB updates, and is more likely to “push them” to your feed.

Facebook Get Notifications

#2. Select Get Notification from KOAB by clicking once on the “like” button on the KOAB wall and then clicking on “Get Notification”. This tells Facebook, in no uncertain terms, that you want that content to show up on your wall. (You still won’t see all of them, but you should get about 75% this way!)

#3. Take advantage of other ways to stay in touch with KOAB, such as:

I’m sorry that Facebook has been so frustrating for so many of us lately, but I hope that some of these recommendations help you see more of the content you’re missing!


  1. I have not totally researched this, but I tried Google Chrome Ad Blocker and it seems to work. No more pop ups. I guess you have to use Chrome as your search engine but it’s worth a try if you do. Love your posts! When are you coming to Baltimore?

  2. Sylvia Tully says

    I hope I’m doing this right. I love KOAB, I also love Aldis , when I can get there . They are 40 miles away from where I live. But I do know they have some great buys. Didn’t know they were carrying organic produce, that’s another love. Sylvia


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