How to Spend the Least Amount of Money in a Supermarket, by B. Winer

Oh my goodness, I’m in love. This is the cutest thing ever!

A reader just sent me this “How To” essay that her 5th grade son wrote for school. I bolded my very favorite parts!

I am going to tell how you to spend the least amount of money in a supermarket.  You first go on the computer to blogs such as, and  Then you look for what is on sale and special deals like $10 of products gets you a $4 coupon.  Look for coupons that match the sales and print them.  Then look for coupons in newspapers that match the sales and clip them.  Now you write a list down based on the sales and what you need.  Go to the supermarket with list, purse, coupons, supermarket savings card, reusable bags and no children.  You then look for things on the list and don’t buy anything extra.  Then you go up to the register and check out using all the coupons.  Pack up and go home and enjoy the savings.  Finally post a comment on the blog about how much you saved.  This is how to use the least amount of money in a supermarket.

I sense I’m going to have some competition in another couple of years 😉

Thanks, Michelle!


  1. That is great!

  2. Nachas! Adorable.

  3. love it!!!

  4. how absolutely sweet!

  5. He definitely gets it!

  6. Joyce "Bubbie" Weinberger says

    As Binyamin’s Bubbie, I am shepping Nachas!!! Since Grandpa is the one who watches sales and saves money, not me, he is really proud of him. Maybe in a few years Binyamin will pay for the family ski trip!!!!

  7. Fantastic! Especially the ‘no children’ rule. Love it!

  8. that was absolutely adorable:) i’m in love again. thanks for sharing.

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