How to Type in Hebrew on Your iPhone

How to Type in Hebrew on iPhone

My friend Tamara taught me THE coolest hack last night – how to type in Hebrew from your iPhone. It works in any app – as long as you are using your keyboard.

(If you are a teenager or already knew this, you can just point and laugh at me. I’m that lady who uses 1/100th of her phone’s power because she’s too old to learn the really cool stuff!)

  • Go to Settings, then General, then Keyboard, and click Add new keyboard.
  • Select Hebrew and you’re done.
  • When you want to type something in Hebrew, just click the globe key (right next to the 123 button on the bottom row) on your keyboard to switch to the Hebrew keyboard.
  • Ready to switch back to English? Just tap the globe button again.

Voila! Hope you have as much fun with this as I am!

Do you have any cool iPhone or Android hacks you can throw our way? Share ’em in the comments section!


  1. I’m not a teenager, but I’m pointing and laughing at you. And I’m older than you.

  2. One of the most useful apps I recently downloaded: CLEAR. Say goodbye to paper to-do lists. Clear color codes your laundry list of tasks in order of priority, and then lets you drag them up or down, or delete, as necessary. User friendly and efficient. It cost $1.99, but I think it’s well worth the price of never having to use those pesky paper pads that run your life.

    • Lauren Rosen Gerofsky says

      I use something similar called Errands for my iPhone and love it! I do not think it cost me anything, if you’d like to compare. But you are right, even $1.99 is worth the organization and to save a tree or two.

  3. Do you know about Emoji? That’s another keyboard that lets you add cute pictures/ emotions. You add it the same way you added Hebrew.

  4. Super-mean.

  5. Hey Mara, don’t feel bad because there was at least one other person who didn’t know about this – me! And I’m so excited about it! I’m now texting שבת שלום to all my friends to tell them about it. Thanks for posting about it.

  6. So weird, I tried to write Shabbat shalom in Hebrew but I see it came out as question marks. Oh well

  7. well while we’re on the topic all you tech savvy people, how do I get my android to do that? I tried and was unsuccessful.

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