Hurricane Sandy – How Can We Help?

I feel so helpless watching the coverage of the devastation and destruction left in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. I know I’m not the only one!

With over 75% of Kosher on a Budget readers living in areas impacted by Sandy, those affected are a part of the KOAB community – and that makes the feeling of helplessness all the more acute.

Reach Out: We Are Here to Help!

Has your family been impacted by Sandy? Is your home without power? Or worse – have you lost your home to flooding? How can we help?

If your family is in distress, please tell us – what can the KOAB Community do? (Please feel free to email me at kosheronabudget @ gmail . com. Put Hurricane Sandy Help in the subject line.)

The thing I love the most about Kosher on a Budget is the incredible community that has formed here. We are a mighty force and I know that we can move mountains.

Remember the response when I called for your help in disaster relief for the tornado ravaged town of Joplin? We filled a trailer with donations – YOUR donations! I still well up when I think about it.

As I hear about needs from Hurricane Sandy, I will share here on KOAB – and I know that we will all answer the call in whatever way we can.

What Can We Do Now?

When I shared this idea on Facebook last night, I heard from Golda S. about KOAB reader Baila Goodman. Baila and her husabnd Eli are Chabad shluchim in Long Beach. As Golda said:

They are used to giving soo much to their community I think they may find it hard to take, but that’s exactly what they will now have to do. They evacuated to a friend and their home was completely flooded. They need basic living essentials like diapers, clothing, shoes, etc.

Eli & Baila’s sisters are raising money on Fund Razr. If you can help, please do!

The Red Cross Needs Blood

Hurricane Sandy forced the cancellation of some 300 American Red Cross blood drives in 14 states across the East Coast, resulting in a shortfall of more than 9,000 blood and platelet units.

The Red Cross is calling for everyone in unaffected areas to please donate blood. Find out where you can donate in your community and make an appointment.

Reader’s Questions

When I posted this on Facebook last night, some of you who are at home without power asked for suggestions on various topics, which I wanted to address here – in case anyone else has the same questions.

Food Safety After a Power Outage

Rivki asked:

Would love tips on food safety. How do I determine what needs to be tossed and what can be refrozen after power comes back?

Here is a very helpful list from Food about what can be refrozen – and what needs to be discarded. Once the power is back, here is a post I wrote last year on How to Restock Your Fridge and Freezer on a Budget.

What To Do If You’re Home-Bound

Rochel asked:

We have power and no flooding, B”H, but are stuck at home with the kids for the 3rd day in a row! I need craft ideas that use regular household items…
 I’m so not Miss Crafty, but I did pin recently pin this post with 15 Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy When There Is a Power Outage. Whether you are without power – or fortunate enough to have it – these ideas should help keep your kids entertained.

Where to Make a Donation?

You may want to consider donating to The Jewish Federation Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund.

Do you know of other relief funds? Please email me the information and I’ll update this part of the post.

 Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or requests for help. We are here for you!

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