*HURRY* FREE ShopRunner Membership for the Year

Today only, Shop Runner is offering a FREE one-year membership when you “like” their Facebook page! Then click on the “Activate Your Subscription” button in the middle of the page to open a new window.

I was told that you don’t have to enter in your credit card information and skip over that step, but since I already have a subscription, I wasn’t able to test that out myself.

Shop Runner is like Amazon Prime – in that you get free two day shipping, but in this case, it’s for a consortium of stores, including Toys ‘R Us, Babies ‘R Us, Sports Authority, Drugstore.com, and many more.¬†Today’s FREE offer is great – because usually a one-year subscription costs $79.

As has become typical with these Facebook offers, the site is getting slammed and running veeeeery slowly. They have a message up on their Facebook wall that they are working on it and the offer is still ON, so if you decide to go for this, exercise patience!


  1. I got this when it was offered about a month ago! Credit card was not required. I’ve already used it once, and it was great!

  2. This is the latest post from Shoprunner

    “OK – we have an update for all of you. We are doing our very best to stay up and stable, but there are literally thousand of folks just repeatedly hitting the submit button on the form. We have an alternative solution and rest assured this will enable to get your free ShopRunner membership without fear that you will miss out. If you send an email to Promo@ShopRunner.com that simply contains your name and email address, as soon as we have stabilized the website, we will email you a unique PIN# that will allow you to sign up for your free 1-yr. membership. We don’t want anyone else to needlessly waste any more of their valuable time. Thank you all so very much for your understanding and patience with us today. We are truly grateful.”

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