*Hurry* Join Plum District. Refer 3 Friends. Get $20 Gift Certificate to Trader Joe’s!

Update: I got my three referrals – thank you! If you need referrals, please leave your link in the comments section. And check the comments for a referral link to sign up under!

Wow – what an awesome referral opportunity from Plum District. (I’m especially psyched since we have our first TJs in Kansas City opening in just 2 weeks!) But hurry, because it expires at midnight tonight!

Here’s the deal – and you have to follow all of these steps to qualify for the award:

1. Use THIS LINK to go join Plum District if you haven’t already (yes, this is my referral link)

2. Confirm your registration with the address you signed up under. (They’ll send you a confirmation email.)

3. Log into your new account and click on the purple “Get It” button.

4. Fill in your mailing address, then click to invite friends via Facebook or Twitter.

Once three friends have accepted your invite (and followed the steps above), you will qualify for your $20 gift card.

Enjoy $20 worth of free shopping at the store with the world’s best pareve chocolate chips.

P.S. I participated in Plum District’s promotion for a $20 Target gift card a while back and I did indeed receive it. So I think this offer is legit!

This post contains referral links, which help to support Kosher on a Budget. For more information, see my disclosure policy.


  1. hhmm… is that the right link?

  2. Thanks for posting this! Looking for referrals! http://pldi.co/d/btcREv?ref=u1f14ab57247&ref_deal=btcREv&sub=true

  3. Tziporah says
  4. To get your right link, go to the button for Twitter. That will show up the right link in the tweet. Just cut and paste it into the comments. Check yours again, Shelley and Tziporah – I’m not sure yours are right (they seem too long).

  5. Kimberly says
  6. I need 3 referrals. http://pldi.co/d/btcREv?ref=u13ce7492954&ref_deal=btcREv&sub=true
    I used your link, @Hindy! 🙂

  7. ok…. how’s this?


    just need 1 more! 😉

  8. Sign up for Plum District and help me earn a gift card to Trader Jo… http://pldi.co/d/btcREv?ref=u54d7108828e&ref_deal=btcREv&sub=true
    I need 3 referrals please.

  9. I’d love referrals too 🙂

  10. That’s strange, guess it didn’t work 🙁

  11. I have 4 referrals but it says only 1 subscribed and 3 are pending confirmation. Did I miss something?

    I hope it works!!!

  12. Just saw that deal was sold out, when I tried to sign up through your link, Anita.

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