I could really use your help!

Do any of my brilliant and wonderful readers (see how I butter you up before I ask for the favor?!) happen to have a connection to a shipping company – or any sort of national (or KC-based) company that might have a truck they could loan me?

{Hello run-on sentence.}

I had tentatively arranged for a truck to help us transport all your donations down to Joplin on Sunday. Unfortunately, the truck has fallen through. 🙁

My back-up plan is to rent a 10-foot truck U-Haul, but at $179 plus gas, I’m trying to figure out a more “on a budget” solution. I realize it’s a long shot, but before I call and basically ask U-Haul to pretty please give me a discount, I figured I’d ask:

Do you have connections that might help me land a discounted or donated truck for Sunday’s delivery?

If you’ve got a lead, please shoot me an email at kosheronabudget AT gmail DOT com.

Thank you thank you thank you. And now back to your regularly scheduled, non-schnoring posts! 😉

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