I don’t do every deal.

There have been a preponderance of good deals lately. From free photobooks and cheap magazines to deep discounts on granola bars, clothing and even Kitchen Aids.

The crazy thing is that – believe it or not – what I post here on Kosher on a Budget is a small percentage — a very small percentage — of all the deals and sales floating around on any given day.

For those of you new to the world of coupon & deal blogs, I’m sure it can be a little bit overwhelming. All those *WOW*s and exclamation points can make you feel like I-must-buy-this-incredible-thing-right-now-or-my-life-will-be-meaningless. Or some less dramatic variation on that theme.

I know, because I can get caught up in that rush, too. But rest assured: I DON’T DO EVERY DEAL.*

Yup, you heard me right. Despite what you might think, more often than not, I let the great online deal pass me by if I’m at all unsure.

I figure I’d rather have not-buyers regret than buyers regret. Plus, after shopping and saving this way for more than two years, I know that another great deal is sure to come.

And in case you were wondering (which some recent emails have me thinking you might be), I also don’t spend hours every day cruising the aisles of CVS, Walgreens, Target and the grocery store. In fact, ironic as this may be, I don’t even like shopping at brick and mortar stores and therefore do my best to limit it to only one or two stores – TOPS – a week.

Unless of course, I get a rare afternoon to myself, and can actually shop in relative peace, without someone needing the bathroom, wanting a drink, asking me why the sky is blue, or – more often than not – screaming “OOOOOOUUUUUUTTTTT” at the top of her lungs as I try my best to pretend like it’s not my toddler having the fit in the store.

Now that you know I’m not some deal-buying-machine, I will say that I think these deals can be a wonderful tool in your money-saving arsenal once you learn to use them strategically and with intention.

For example, I know a lot of you love to buy photobooks for your digital memories (we do, too). And I’m sure a lot of you think that spending $20 + shipping is “worth it” to have such a great keepsake. It may well be. But isn’t spending $0 even more worth it?!

Remember, it’s all about creating margin. And deals, sales and coupons are wonderful for doing that. Whether it’s margin to pay your mortgage — or retire with dignity. Or margin to have fun, to get a manicure – or go to Tahiti. Margin is a good thing, my friends!

What about you? Do you find yourself getting caught up in a deal frenzy? How do you balance the savings with your sanity?

*P.S. While I don’t do every deal, as I promised you a while ago, my commitment is to only share with you deals I have — or would have — done for me and my family.  I won’t be buying running shoes, for example, because I, um, don’t run… but if I did, I would have been all over those Asics.


  1. I don’t do all the deals, but that amazon deal was awesome for those of us that buy diapers and wipes via subscribe and save and amazon mom!

  2. If you don’t need it, won’t use it, don’t buy it. If it’s free, that’s another story.

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