I hate to admit it, but…

sometimes my husband is right.

Those straw silly glasses? A huge hit. HUGE. They totally turned a grumpy eight year-old into a giggling goof ball. Hooray!

My two year-old thought they were pretty awesome, too.

So what if I have to declutter them next week?

For this week, they were fun. And free!


  1. I have those as handmedowns- I’d gotten it for my cousin ages ago and he gave them back to me for Guinevere. They are SO difficult to clean, so good thing you’re planning to toss them. Easy to rinse, crazy to dry out!

    • Yea, I told A only water in these. Hopefully they’ll drive out before they mold. For a freebie, tho, they were pretty fun 🙂 Watching N figure out to suck on one end and put the other end in the glass was hysterical!

  2. Those pictures are priceless! Totally scrumptious.

  3. Lauren Gerofsky says

    My sister and I had silly straws as kids, but at the time I never thought about cleaning or drying them – lucky for me, apparent problem for Mom! I must ask about the yellow t-shirt in your 8 year old’s picture. Can you tell me where you got it? I’d love them for my boys! Thanks as always for the great info!

    • It was a hand-me-down (of course ;-), but let me check with the friend who gave it to us and see if she remembers where she got it.

  4. Love that – I can’t believe we’ve never come across those (I remember seeing them as kids, but haven’t seem them lately!) Such sweet pictures!

  5. you could try using a nebulizer (or other compressed air) to blow all the leftover water out of the straw after rinsing. likely better than doing it by mouth… somehow breath has vapor in it that i doubt the nebulizer (compressed air) would have…. good luck!
    these do look fun. i could see my kids being silly with them for quite a while.

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