I love Paperback Swap!

I have been a member of Paperback Swap for the past two years. I joined right after I went through a major book decluttering spree. It seemed like the perfect way to “purge” my old novels – and get to pick up some new titles.

If you’re not familiar with Paperback Swap, it’s a virtual book-swap. You get credits for sending your books to a member who requests them (on your dime – usually around $2-$4 for a book), and then you can use those credits to “buy” books you would like (they send them on their dime).

If I read a library book that I’d love to have in my permanent collection, I just hop over to Paperback Swap and add it to my wish list. The really popular titles – like Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover – often have one-year or longer waits. So if you have to have the book RIGHT.NOW, PBS won’t work for you.

But I have a lot of patience – and a steady supply of free titles from the library. So, I don’t mind waiting a year or longer. In fact, when a book finally does come through, I’m like a kid in a candy store, so excited about this sweet little bonus!

Which is exactly what happened over the weekend. Months and months ago, I had requested the Fly Lady’s Sink Reflections.

You all know I’ve been (slowly, very slowly) working on decluttering my house. It seems to be a never-ending process, but that’s a kvetch for another day. In any case, everyone raves about the Fly Lady – and since her steady stream of emails was stressing me out, I figured I should try her book. I had checked it out from the library and loved the first few chapters that I managed to read before it was due back.

Now in just 2-5 days, I will have my very own copy of that hot little pink book! And it won’t have cost me a thing! *Squeal*

If you’re not yet on the Paperback Swap bandwagon, I highly recommend it! To get starting swapping:

  • Sign up for a free PBS account
  • List all the books you have at home that you want to get rid of. (They don’t have to be paperback. You can list old coffee table books, your kids’ board books, books on tape, text books… even CDs or DVDs)
  • Earn 2 FREE starter credits when you list at least 10 books for swapping.
  • When your book get requested, package it up and mail it off per the online instructions. When your book is received, you earn another credit.
  • Go through PBS’ list of titles to request any books you have been wanting. If the title is currently listed by a member, you will get your book in a matter of days. If not, you can add it to your waitlist — like I did with Sink Reflections.

I have easily saved over $250 through PBS, just by passing on something I was going to declutter anyway.

Are you a swapper? Do you love it as much as I do?

This post contains a referral link. If you sign up for PBS and list 10 books, I believe I get a free credit. For more information about referral and affiliate links, see my disclosure policy.


  1. Jennifer H. says

    I absolutely love PBS. I’ve been a member for about three years and after I realized that I had quite a few books that I was never going to look at or read again. It was, indeed, a great exercise in decluttering and I haven’t purchased a novel in that length of time. Sometimes if I can’t wait for a book I’ll go to the PBS marketplace and pay a minimal amount with a credit in order to get it right away. However, I am like you and have plenty to read and have patience for a book to come in from my wishlist. My only concern is with the invention on ereaders if people will soon give this up.

  2. Sora Chana says

    Don’t use PBS, there is a place called “The Book Thing” where I live, all books are free! They have kids books, novels, even magazines. It’s awesome!

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