It’s a Giveaway! Mineralium Dead Sea Products ($80 Value)

MineraliumIf you’ve been reading KOAB for any amount of time, you surely know by now that I love to share products from Israeli companies with you guys.

So when the beauty company, Mineralium, reached out to me a few months ago about bringing their line of Dead Sea products to the US-market, my interest was immediately piqued.

I have been using their Anti-AgingMoisturizing Cream and Daily Facial Wash for two months now and can honestly say that I’m thrilled with the results.

Mineralium Review

I’ll be frank with you and say that I’ve been blessed with pretty good skin — which I’ve totally taken for granted and mostly neglected. (I didn’t even wash my face regularly until 6 months ago!)

But since rounding the corner into my 40s, it has come to my attention (duh!) that I actually need to take care of my skin if I want to keep it looking good for the next four decades.

Given my newfound attention to skincare, I am absolutely loving Mineralium.

I typically use a gentle, organic cleanser and moisturizer, as I’m trying to avoid parabens in my family’s personal care products — so I was very happy to learn that all Mineralium products are paraben free and none are tested on animals.

Of course, all natural is great – but does the product work?

Mineralium has been doing a great job of cleansing my skin without drying it out, as well as evening out my skin tone.

While I like the facial wash very much, the moisturizing cream is especially fabulous. It’s very hydrating for my thirsty skin – without leaving any kind of greasy residue (which so many products seem to do).

Why Mineralium?

Although there are many companies claiming that their products are “from” the Dead Sea, Mineralium is one of only a handful of products certified by Israel Manufacturer’s Association to contain genuine Dead Sea minerals.

dead sea

Why Dead Sea Minerals?

The Dead Sea water contains more than 35 diferent minerals, which together result in a naturally nourishing effect on the skin. With a salt content that is much higher than that of any ocean, not only is the Dead Sea the saltiest body of water on earth, but the density of minerals within its waters make it an essential natural ingredient with health inducing properties.

Mineralium Coupon Code

If you’re looking for a new beauty regimen, I’d love for you to take a look at Mineralium.

I really think you’ll enjoy their products – which is why I nudged them to not only give me a coupon code (which I know y’all have come to expect, right?) but also free shipping (because who doesn’t love free shipping?!).

Thru the end of April, you can save 15% on all Mineralium orders when you use the promo code KOSHEROAB — and you’ll also get FREE shipping. Plus, all orders receive free samples (perfect for travel).

Mineralium Giveaway

One lucky KOAB reader will win a Mineralium back-to-basics beauty package, which includes a full-size Facial Wash, Makeup Remover and Moisturizer (retail value: $80).


To enter the giveaway:

1. Leave a comment on this post telling me if you’ve ever been to the Dead Sea — or used Dead Sea products. This comment is required to be entered to win this giveaway.

2.  Like Mineralium on Facebook for more information on sales and special offers. Then come back and leave a separate comment, telling me that you have done so.

#3. Join the more than 5,200 people who like Kosher on a Budget on Facebook. Then come back and leave a separate comment on this post telling me that you have done so. If you already like KOAB, thank you — and please leave a comment to that effect.

This giveaway is open only to residents of the United States who are 18 or older. Entries will be accepted until Wednesday, April 24th at 11:59 p.m. CST. The winner will be selected randomly and notified by email immediately. He or she will have 48 hours to respond. Good luck!

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products from Mineralium to facilitate my review; Mineralium will also provide the winner of this contest with his or her prize package. I was not compensated for hosting this giveaway nor for sharing my (positive) opinions.




  1. I love receiving all your ideas and posts.
    The Mineralium product sounds great. All Natural.

  2. I love the Dead Sea and love using Dead Sea products.

  3. I have used ahava and I would love to try Mineralium! I have been to the dead sea twice, the last time was 6 years ago when I visited my daughter in seminary.
    I liked KOAB a while ago and Mineralium today on FB!

  4. Norine Gerson says:

    I’ve been to the Dead Sea. I’ve used some of the products from there. I liked Mineralium on FB. I follow you on KOAB and love your postings

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  6. Norine Gerson says:

    I liked Mineralium on FB

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  8. Norine Gerson says:

    I’ve been to the Dead Sea and love products from there.

  9. Norine Gerson says:

    I follow KOAB faithfully, and love your postings.

  10. Norine Gerson says:

    I liked Mineralium on FB.

  11. I have never been to dead sea, but I got a sample of mineralium product and I loved it.

  12. Lynette Murphy says:

    I’ve been to the Dead Sea; amazing experience!

  13. Lynette Murphy says:

    I have already liked KOAB on Facebook.

  14. Lynette Murphy says:

    I have already liked KOAB on Facebook

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  17. I use Dead Sea products, but am not familiar with this company. Looks impressive though!

  18. I have received a Dead Sea Mud Facial before. It was relaxing

  19. Miriam C says:

    I have tried Ahava products. Once in the mall there was a kiosk and I tried their dead sea hand lotion (can’t remember the company though). Would always use but very cost prohbitive unfortunately 🙁

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    I’ve been to the Dead Sea a few times and have tried Ahava products in the past.

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  50. Hey, men need to take care of their skin, too – or at least that’s what my wife is always telling me. I ‘Liked’ them so I can get started. We’ve been KOAB fans from the start, and we’ve been to the Dead Sea a number of times. Though the mud is wonderful for your skin, it is horrible for your taste buds.