It’s Back! American Express – Load $200 Pre-Paid Card, Get Free $25 Bonus Gift Card

American Express Prepaid Card

Through the end of the month of August, you can once again earn a $25 bonus gift card from American Express when you buy a pre-paid card, loaded with at least $200.

This has got to be one of my favorite offers ever – it’s free money. Literally free.

Don’t think you need a pre-paid card? Well, think of it this way. Let’s say your High Holiday budget is $400. Instead of putting $400 on a charge card or debit card, or taking out that amount in cash, you use the same $400 to buy two $200 gift cards.

For each card, you will get a $25 gift-card bonus. That’s $50 of FREE money just for buying your already budgeted High Holiday food and clothing on pre-paid American Express cards.

In addition to the free $25 bonus, there are lots of other beenfits to the pre-paid American Express cards.

  • You get the same fraud protection and roadside assistance programs of regular American Express memberships.
  • There no annual fees, no customer service fees, and no credit checks (although you do need to enter your social security number to buy the card).
  • There are no transaction fees (it’s free to use the card). They even give you one free ATM withdrawal on the pre-paid card!

Fine Print: This special offer is valid on pre-paid cards purchased thru 8/31/12. Limit three $25 gift cards per bank account. Allow six weeks for the $25 gift card to arrive. Standard shipping is FREE.

Note: You don’t need a promo code (just leave that box blank). You will need to fund your card from a checking or savings account.

Purchase your pre-paid American Express card HERE.

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  1. I got the $50 one last time, but i never got my ten dollars…

    • It takes 6-8 weeks to get the GC from the time AMEX pulls the funds from your account. You also have to have at least $1 on the card till your GC arrives since the prepaid card has to be active. Then you can use it up and cancel it.

  2. The AmEx lady on the phone said that it’s one name on one bank account… so you can’t have 2 names with one bank account. But you said 3 per bank account? Where is that from? Who’s right?

  3. I just bought 1 pre-paid card (under the wire! it’s 8/31!), and I called AMEX to find out if the 2nd pre-paid card can have my name on it as well. First of all, the AMEX lady didn’t seem to really understand what I was talking about, ugh – but after putting me on hold a few times she said that each card has to have a different name on it. So I clarified that it would mean 1 bank account, 2 names. (But in the end I’m going to skip doing the 2nd card because I handle the groceries alone for the most part, and I’m not sure what else my husband would use the card for. So I can’t really test if the AMEX lady was right.)

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