January Monthly Meal Plan

After a crazily haphazard month of December, in which I completely flew by the seat of my pants, I am getting back on the monthly menu planning bandwagon with a vengeance.

This is going to be a busy month – several late night meetings, plus I am teaching my four-part Kosher on a Budget LIVE course at the Jewish community center.

Remember, we eat almost exclusively vegetarian during the week – and save our meat and chicken for Shabbat. It’s saves us money, and we really prefer to eat this way anyway.

Lastly, you will notice that I left many Shabbat lunches unplanned, since we haven’t yet figured out when we’re having people and when we might be invited out. Since I still have about 6 pounds of cubed boneless chuck in the deep freeze, I imagine that cholent will feature prominently in our menu when we’re home.

Have you made your menu plan yet? I’d love to see what you’re eating, so please leave a comment (or link to your own blog post) in the comments section.

Sat, Jan 1 – Lunch out, French toast with left-over challah for dinner

Sun, Jan 2 – Lasagna & salad

Mon, Jan 3 – Grilled cheese sandwiches & tomato basil soup (fresh basil, frozen from the summer)

Tues, Jan 4 – Black bean soup, served with tortilla chips and avocado relish (I’m trying the recipe shared by Victoria in the comments section here. Thanks, Victoria!)

Wed, Jan 5 – Vegetable stirfry with tofu, served over whole grain rice

Thurs, Jan 6  – Homemade pizza & salad

Fri, Jan 7 – Homemade macaroni & cheese, steamed veggies, challah with apple butter (just family – and this was a kid-pick)

Sat, Jan 8 – ???

Sun, Jan 9 – Tuna casserole & steamed veggies

Mon, Jan 10 – Breakfast for dinner (The first night of my KOAB course, so I need this meal to be as EASY as possible)

Tues, Jan 11 – Hearty lentil soup, no knead bread (I’m thinking my five year old is going to complain vociferously about this one – and end up eating a cup of yogurt)

Wed, Jan 12 – Black bean and sweet potato burritos (make extras for easy lunches)

Thurs, Jan 13 – Homemade pizza & salad

Fri, Jan 14 – Beef stew, garlic mashed potatoes, green salad (recipe forthcoming!)

Sat, Jan 15 – Zucchini stuffed chicken, carrot kugel muffins, salads & dips, majadara

Sun, Jan 16 – Lasagna & salad, no knead bread

Mon, Jan 17 – Left-overs (night #2 of KOAB class – ditto the easy)

Tues, Jan 18 – Broccoli & cauliflower crustless quiche with quinoa “pilaf” and green salad – make extras to freeze (Both broccoli and cauliflower are on sale right now for $1 head, so I am going to buy 5 of each, steam & freeze them – and then quickly pull this recipe together in 10 minutes or less!)

Wed, Jan 19 – Zucchini and red pepper enchiladas (a Molly Katzen recipe from Enchanted Broccoli Forest)

Thurs, Jan 20 –  Homemade pizza & salad

Fri, Jan 21 – Oven-fried sole, potatoes au gratin, steamed broccoli

Sat, Jan 22 – ???

Sun, Jan 23 – Tuna casserole & steamed veggies

Mon, Jan 24 – Broccoli & cauliflower quiche (from the freezer), quinoa (class #3 = very easy dinner)

Tues, Jan 25 – Pasta with roasted veggies, feta cheese and walnuts (a more frugal alternative to pine nuts)

Wed, Jan 26 – Green beans & tofu with crunchy thai peanut sauce, served over whole grain rice

Thurs, Jan 27 – Homemade pizza & salad

Fri, Jan 28 – “Brisket in a bag” with potatoes, carrots and parsnips (I’m told doing it this way makes it super tender – so I’m giving it a shot. Anyone have a recipe to share?)

Sat, Jan 29 – ???

Sun, Jan 30 – Lasagna & salad, no kneed bread

Mon, Jan 31 – Morningstar veggie burgers with all the “fixings” + oven-baked potato “chips” (Last KOAB class = one more easy dinner)


Lunches: left-overs, salad (me), peanut butter sandwiches, bourekas, macaroni & cheese (the kind out of a box – yes, I know; my 5 year old is very picky and at least once a week, I like to know for sure that he’s going to eat without complaints)

Snacks: peanut butter sandwiches, popcorn, cuties, apples, pumpkin bread, veggies & dip, yogurt (on sale at Whole Foods this week)

For more menu planning inspiration, please visit Organizing Junkie, host of the Menu Plan Monday linkup party.


  1. Love the :lighter” fri night meals!

    Dairy! fish! love it!

    We often have a VERY hearty soup (vege, split pea, lentil etc with chunks of beef). That is, if it’s just us. If we have company, I’m known to go a little nuts (frugally, and creatively!!!) 😉

  2. This is just the inspiration I need. We are awful at menu-planning and we talked about this just this morning to try our hands at it one more time…our problem is that we have lots of ingredients in the freezer/pantry but when 6 pm rolls around (when I get home) nothing is ready to go (as in, everything is still in the freezer/pantry) and I really do fly by the seat of my pants!! We’re also veg during the week so your menus are really really inspiring! (and, a while back I made bean and sweet potato burritos from the Gluten-Free Goddess blog and they were very very tasty!)

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