Jewish Deal-a-Day Sites Getting into the Fray

You guys know I’ve gotten on the Groupon bandwagon. And they’re just the tip of the Deal-a-Day site/group buying iceberg.

Thanks to Twitter, I just learned about a new Jewish deal-a-day site that’s getting ready to launch later this week called jdeals. If you sign up with your email address before tomorrow, you will get a $5 credit toward your first purchase.

Word on the street is that most of the jdeals will be focused on the New York City area. I suggest you go ahead and sign up anyway — a free $5 credit is a free $5 credit! — but if you’re a fellow non-New Yawker, don’t hold your breath on deals you can take advantage of.


  1. is launching soon too in nyc

    • @etti – Thanks for commenting! What a cute name!

      I’ve heard about at least one other Jewish deal-a-day site that I’m excited to share with my readers, too… They aren’t quite ready to launch but they will have nationwide offers – good for the non-tri-staters among us!

  2. is the newest Jewish Groupon site.

  3. And don’t forget about 🙂

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