Jingit Ads for 10/23/12 – Earn $2.45 Today

Have you signed up for Jingit yet?

It’s rapidly surpassing surveys as my favorite way to earn money online. It’s so quick and easy!

Just sign up for Jingit (if you haven’t already – you will need a Facebook account), watch some online ads online and earn as much as $2.45 today.

The best news is that you can watch most of the Jingit ads every day – which means you can earn for the same ads every single day. Some of the ads you can even watch every two hours. By Friday, you can have as much as $9.80 in your account.

Earn $0.25 from Elmer’s Glue Campaign
Earn $0.20 every two hours with S’more Campaign (watch this every two hours and earn again – so you can earn $1.20 by 9 o’clock tonight)
Earn $0.50 from JELL-O Mix Ins and JELL-O 4 Packs
Earn $0.25 from Jello 4 Packs

Make sure you are logged into your Jingit account (via Facebook – click the blue button at the bottom of the page) to get credit for every campaign you watch.

Jingit conveniently adds the money your earn to a Jingit Visa Debit card, which you can sign up for as soon as your account reaches $3.

There is a $3 fee for the card (which is mailed to you within two days), but you can earn that within a day or two of ad watching – and then all your additional earnings get added to the card automatically.

Sign up for Jingit to check it out.

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  1. Mara, is there an expiration date on the Visa card? (How long are the earnings valid?) Also, are there any restrictions on where you can use the card? Thanks.

    • Any place that accepts a debit card will accept this one, Aidel. I don’t think debit cards have expiration dates, but I can confirm that for you.

  2. I signed up 2 days ago, and every time I log on it says “Check back later, new chances to earn coming soon!” and have not gotten any money since I first signed up. SO frustrating!

    • Sora – are you using the links in this post? They should all be working – I just tried them this morning. Are you signed in to your account via Facebook?

      • Yes- used the links in the post…. earned the money today. But is that the only way to get them? Through links on your blog? Cause when I just log on regularly nothing shows up…

  3. ettie cohen says

    i joined yesterday bec of your posting earned one dollar and since then it wont let me do anything it just says to check back soon for new ways to earn. very frustrating and annoying. please advise ty

    • ettie – sorry to hear that you are having problems. Are you going thru the links in this post? Or are you going directly to the site? You should use these links and if it’s still giving you a problem, I’d suggest changes browsers and/or clearing your cache. As of this morning, I was able to earn on all the links above (as have a lot of other readers), so I hope this will work out for you!

  4. Blah, finally sat at the computer to try again and I can’t get it while in Beta, my cell number is a google voice number and they don’t allow that! Do you think I could use my sister’s number just to confirm that I am a real person or do they text often?

  5. Yeah…I got all the way up to $3.50, but there is no way I am giving up my ssn to a site like that.

  6. I am having the same problem that others are having with not being able to access the ads. I keep getting the come back later message. Any advice?

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