Join Swagbucks This Week, Get 110 Swagbucks!

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{Update: I clearly have reading comprehension issues. I just double-checked my email from Swagbucks and see that this code for 110 bonus bucks is actually good until 9:00am PT on Friday, November 18th. So you still have plenty of time to join up!}

If you still haven’t signed up for Swagbucks, your excuses are surely running out! This morning, Swagbucks is making it impossible to say no to signing up.

Any new member will get 80 bonus bucks when they sign up this morning and use the promo code SBPAYSFORME in the Swagbucks code box (on the second screen when you sign up).

You normally get 30 bucks when you sign up, but this 80 buck bonus is the biggest I’ve ever seen them offer!

Not convinced? How ’bout this: We plan to get our kids an XBox 360 Connect (shhhhh, don’t tell them!) with all of our Swagbucks gift cards to Amazon. That would never be in the budget, but thanks to saving up our gift cards from Swagbucks, it is!

The 80-point promo code valid until 11 a.m. CST today!

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