Just $.45 for 6 Boxes of Cereal!

HyVee in the Kansas City area has a great deal on General Mills cereal this week.  Buy six boxes and get $10 off, plus a $6 catalina to use on your next visit. After coupons, catalina and $10 off store coupon, my after-tax total was just $.45. What is that? Like 7.5¢ a box?! Full price on each box was between $3.09 and $4.29, so I got a savings of about 98%.

I bought four boxes of Multi-Grain Cheerios, using (4) $.75/1 coupons; one box of the original Cheerios, using a a free product coupon I received in the mail; and one box of Trix, without any coupons. My kids are going to be thrilled with their new Shabbat cereal!

You have until Wednesday to do this deal, so check out all the coupon match-ups on General Mills cereal here. And stay tuned for a post later this week about the benefits of stocking up in advance, like I did on the cereal this week!


  1. I did the same thing and got cocoa puffs for a Shabbat treat–it was a happy Shabbos morning here. I checked out twice so I could use the $6 coupon to buy some groceries. How fun. Plus you get another Catalina for $2 off GM cereal so I have to go back to Hy-Vee before August 31st and do it again.

  2. I also spend about that much. My kids love the shabbos cereal! They were so excited and I had lots of extra coupons i went to another hy vee the next day. thanks for sharing this deal!

  3. Dana Horesh says

    I did this twice already(and I might even work in a third time tomorrow). I am not up for doing higher level math, but I think I just got 6 boxes of cereal for $0.84 TOTAL!!!

    Each time you do it you get the $6 coupon for general shopping and $2 off 5 General Mills cereals. All you have to do is rustle up some Manufacture coupons and you walk out with your cereal for the winter – or at least until the end of October the way my boys eat.

    • Did they let you use your $6 catalina from the previous transaction? They are supposed to, but I’ve had persnickity cashiers in the past. You’re doing awesome on the stocking up principle!

      • Dana Horesh says

        They have allowed me to use the $6 coupon. I have rustled up 24 more manufacturer coupons (we have a lot of computers and I use numerous browser) and I plan for David and I to go tonight (last night) to either go through the line twice each or go to two separate Hyvees. If it all works, it seems a bit glutenous, but I figure I can make a donation to the food pantry if it too much for our pantry.

  4. Dana Horesh says

    I do have to say I feel for the people at the cash register. Twice I have gotten the comment, “Oh! you have coupons.”

    • I find that a shy smile with a “Sorry about all that,” goes a long way. I use it with both the cashiers and the folks in line behind me. If I’m at CVS, though, and have to do multiple transactions, I will often step aside if there’s a line behind me and wait to complete all my coupon craziness until all the people behind me check out.

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