Kansas City Readers | Get a 1 Year Membership to Sam’s Club + $20 Gift Card for Just $30

My apologies to all the non-KC readers out there. I don’t normally share local deals, but this one is to good not to.

Living Social is offering a year-long Sam’s Club Advantage Membership plus a $20 Sam’s Club gift card for $40.00.

Even better, if you set up a new account with Living Social, you can use the coupon code code EMILES  at checkout and save $10 – making this deal only $30.00.

Note: This Sam’s Club deal also comes with a $19.84 food voucher, which is good for one rotisserie chicken, one box of Mix ‘n Match cookies and one Artisan Take ‘n Bake pizza. Obviously kosher-keepers won’t be able to take advantage of those bonuses, but even without them, this is still a great deal. It’s like paying $10 for a one-year membership to Sam’s Club!

If any of you are Sam’s Club members, I’d love to know what’s on your must-buy-there list. How does it compare to my list of Top 7 Things to Buy at Costco (or the 5 things I never buy at Costco)?

Fine Print: Limit 1 per person • Valid for new Sam’s Club Members only • New Member is defined as someone who does not have a currently valid membership• Must be purchased and validated at a Kansas City area Sam’s Club, but can then be used at any Sam’s Club nationwide.


  1. hi — i love your blog, even though i’m not jewish (we are christian and we do eat ‘biblically’, but don’t quite understand all things kosher. so . . . my question is “why can’t kosher keepers eat a rotisserie chicken or a cheese pizza?”. thanks for helping me understand!

    • Hi Jamie 🙂 This is a long answer, but I”ll try to keep it short. First, the chicken wouldn’t be kosher- because kosher meat (and chicken) needs to be slaughtered in a particular way and this is a process that must be supervised/done by someone certified to do so. It requires a “hechsher” – which is kosher certification. Likewise, cheese is a product that needs a hechsher, and kosher cheese is about 2.5 times the cost of non-kosher cheese, so I’m pretty sure Sam’s isn’t using it on their pizza 😉 Plus, when you keep kosher, you have to strictly separate milk from meat, so a kitchen in which both of these things were made in the same oven/work space wouldn’t work. And finally, because of all the above, those who keep kosher generally don’t eat in restaurants unless they are “kosher certified” restaurants. Hope that makes sense! I know it’s a bit complicated.

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