Kashi for less than $1 at Target this week

Target has Kashi products on sale for $2.85 this week, including cereal, breakfast bars, crackers, and frozen items (usually includes waffles, but you will have to check your store).

Now is the time to pull out all your high value Kashi coupons. Some of you might have the $1 off coupons from writing Kashi a letter, like I did a few weeks ago. If not, here are a couple other sources of Kashi manufacturer coupons:

  • Check the Kashi cereal boxes at Target — many of them have a set of coupons attached to the box, which includes a $1 off cereal, a $1 off cracker or snack item, a $1 off frozen item, and a $1/2 bars.
  • Go to your Super Target on a Sunday during a Kashi sale (i.e. today) and you might luck into a sampling station, with stacks and stacks of $1 off coupons (this happened to me during the last big Kashi sale)
  • $1.50/2 Kashi TLC bars from Coupons.com

To get the lowest price possible, you will need to stack (= combine, in coupon lingo) ONE of the above coupons with ONE of the Target store Kashi coupons, which you can download here.

Here are a couple  possible scenarios:

Kashi Organic Cereal ~ $2.85 each

–       Buy 3

–       Use (3) $1/1 coupons found on the side of the box

–       Use  (1) B2G1 Free Target Kashi coupon

=      $2.70 or $.90 each!


Kashi TLC Bars ~ $2.85 each

–       Buy 6 boxes

–       Use (2) B2G1 Free Kashi Cereal Target Printable

–       Use (3) $1.50/2 Kashi TLC bars from Coupons.com

=      $6.90 for 6 boxes or $1.15 each!


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