Keeping Your Vacation Memories Alive

Keep vacation memories alive

Warning: This post has nothing to do with frugality or kashrut!

My husband and I took our three kids on an amazing road trip earlier this summer. We drove from Kansas to New Jersey and back, via Connecticut, Washington D.C. and a few other places along the way. It easily could’ve been a nightmare, right? All that time in the car with three little kids? But the truth is, it was an incredible vacation. Even the hours and hours and hours in the car were (mostly) enjoyable.

Now that we’re home, those feel-good vacation vibes are slowly fading. But I don’t wanna lose that (lovin’) feeling. And I don’t want my kids to lose it either!

Anticipating that this might be a problem, I came up with a little idea to help keep our vacation memories alive.

At each stop along the way of our journey, I bought a postcard to send to my children. I tried to write the postcard that day, so the memories were still fresh. I reminded them about something funny we had seen or an ice cream treat they had enjoyed. In one, I wrote about an act of kindness from my oldest son toward his younger brother. I thanked them for making such wonderful memories for our family.

Since we have gotten back, I’ve dropped one of these cards into the mail every few days. Sure, I could just hand them the postcards, but my kids — and I imagine most kids — *love* getting mail! So far, they’ve received six postcards. Anyone recognize the places we visited? Just a few more cards remain.

For now, these memory triggers reside on the fridge, but I’m brainstorming for ways to incorporate them into a book of some type.

Do you have a creative way to help your kids remember the sweet times your family has shared together? Tell me about it!

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  1. we made a photobook from shutterfly.

    • Yup, I’m thinking we’ll do something like that. There are some great coupon codes right now for free bound photo albums. Maybe I’ll take advantage of one of those šŸ˜‰

  2. I love the postcards idea! That is so great. In order to see the front and back you could laminate the postcards and then bind them like a small 4×6 photo album. Not sure how to do that frugally but it would be a great memory keeper.

    • Thanks, Eliana! That’s a good idea about laminating. I was even thinking about picking up one of those 4×6 photo albums and sticking them in the pages. They may need to be trimmed, though.

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