KOAB “Gamadim” – Let’s Be That Ray of Sunshine for Sandy Victims

Oh no. Not again.

Many on the East Coast are STILL without power from Superstorm Sandy. And now they are facing a wind & snow storm that is shutting down highways, schools and railways. And killing their electricity – again.

Others still are in shelters or temporary housing, desperately trying to figure out where they go from here.

My heart breaks for those of you on the East Coast. I can’t imagine how tough this must be on you, your children, your extended families, and your communities. Resources and patience must be stretched so thin this cold Wednesday evening.

For a week now, I’ve been thinking: “What can we do? What can we do?”

And then a little idea came to me: KOAB Gamadim.

Do you remember doing this at camp? It’s kind of the Jewish version of Secret Santa.

But with a twist. Because I want to match up KOAB readers with each other.

Was your a family a victim of Hurricane Sandy and this bitter ‘Noreaster? Sign up HERE. I won’t share your information with anyone other than with your buddy – aka “anak”.

Would you like to help bring a little ray of sunshine to a fellow KOAB reader in need? Sign up HERE. I will match you up with one (or more) family – as you wish.

We won’t be able to meet all the needs during your recovery – but we can hopefully bring a bit of sunshine for your family.

I will try to get back to everyone who signs up on either list within 48 hours – depending on volume of response, though, it may take me a little longer.

Please note, there are numerous amazing organizations doing incredible work to help rebuild the Northeast after Superstorm Sandy. KOAB Gamadim isn’t intended to replace your support of those organizations. This is just a small way to connect – in a simple, but hopefully meaningful way.


  1. Mara, what a lovely idea!

  2. Nadine Osborne says

    I agree, what a good idea. I’ve wondered how I can help.

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