Kosher for Passover Printable Coupon Roundup

With Pesach right around the corner, I am turning my usual stockpiling efforts toward items that we will need for Passover — both things that are required to have a special Kosher for Passover hechsher, and those that aren’t (like olive oil and ground coffee).

Here’s a quick round-up of some of the kosher coupons you might want to print out that will help you do the same. I will update this list and repost it next Sunday, or as I find new coupons — so please shoot me an email if you find a coupon I have missed.

Food & Drink

Pet Food

Household Items & Toiletries:

Cleaning Supplies:

Keep an eye out on your circulars, as well. Last year, a few weeks before Pesach, Red Plum had a lot of Streit’s coupons, including $2/1 5-lb box of matzah.

Also, before you head out to stock up for Passover, be sure to check for coupons in my Coupon Database. If there’s a coupon for the product on your list – it’ll be in my database!

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  1. I love all the cleaning supply coupons, especially the Easy Off oven cleaner. I know I will be using that one!

  2. A couple that I used for my shopping on Sunday –
    Bissli – $0.50 coupon that you mentioned a few months ago
    Terra Chips – $1 off coupon on the Terra Chips website
    Seasons sardines – $1/2 coupon in the newspaper about a week or two ago

  3. The $.50 coupons will be doubled @ hen house in KC!!!

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