Kosher on a Budget Reader Survey: The Results!

Do you all remember the Reader Survey that 250 (!!) of you participated in back at the beginning of September? As promised, today I want to share some of the results with you.

This isn’t all the questions, but some of the details I thought you all would find most interesting. If you have any other questions, let me know!

Reader Longevity

The majority of you have been reading KOAB for 2-6 months – which is pretty exciting to me, because that means we’re still picking up steam here! 6% of you have been with me since the beginning, though (love you!), and 23% are new within the last 2 months.

Most Popular Features

Far and away, the most popular feature (over 70% of you say you use this!) is the online sales and deals. Makes sense, since we’re all online anyway! And since I’m a huge fan of shopping-from-my-couch, I’m happy to oblige.

Other popular features included:

  • Freebies – 52% use these
  • Printable Coupons – 51% use these
  • Store Match-Ups – 49% use this
  • Personal Finance Posts – 44% use these

The lowest on the scale (around 30-35% useage) were the Kosher Recipe Exchange and Shabbat & Yom Tov-themed posts, although based on reader emails and my own affinity for those posts, I’m gonna keep on doing them! And, as we talked about on Facebook yesterday, I will soon be launching a new weekly feature called “In the Crockpot”!

Hopefully the balance of meaty, non-deal posts and deal/coupon/match-up posts will continue to work. For those of you that are primarily interested in the former, I am working on creating a separate email newsletter, with evergreen content only, which will be delivered once per week – instead of once a day. Look for that toward the end of the year!

Incidentally, a number of you mentioned wanting store match-ups for places like Kroger and ShopRite, which are unfortunately regional, not national, chains. While I don’t do those right now, I am exploring the possibility of partnering with other bloggers to share them on KOAB. It’s a bit tricky because I’m the only kosher frugal blogger doing this stuff, but I am exploring the possibility.

Changes Since Reading KOAB

What totally blew me out of the water is that since you started reading KOAB, 82% of you say you’ve started or increased your couponing! Woohoo to saving money through strategic couponing!

KOAB Demographics

Male/Female: As expected, the vast majority of KOAB readers are female, although I was pleased to see that 14 men responded to the survey!

Age: 63% of you are under the age of 35 – but I’ll try not to hold that against you 😉

Marital Status: 88% of you are married or engaged

Kids: 80% of you have kids living at home; 67% have 2 or more of them

Religion: Nine out of 10 of you are Jewish. 62% identify yourselves as Orthodox (my apologies for not including a Lubavitch category! I promise to next time!). 16% of you identify as Conservative and 6% are Reform. Two out of three of you keep kosher. For what it’s worth, 20% of you skipped this question altogether, so I’m not sure what that tells us (other than maybe you wish I’d mind my own business!).

Education: KOAB readers are highly educated (and all very intelligent, if I do say so myself!) 40% of you hold a Master’s degree or higher; 36% have a four-year degree.

Employment: 60% of you work full or part-time outside of the home, while 20% are stay-at-home moms or dads. 5% of you are looking for work right now – and I hope you find your dream job very soon!

Favorite Part about KOAB

You all shared very kind comments about your favorite parts about Kosher on a Budget, and I’m grateful for every single comment! Here are a few of them:

I love the personal finance topics – and your personal application of the Dave Ramsey principles

A person I feel like I can relate to, even though I don’t know you

I love that you’re accessible and respond to inquiries

It inspired me to change our financial habits

I like that it’s kosher and I don’t have to weed through deals I can’t take advantage of, like on other blogs

As for what you’d like to see changed, you guys were probably a little too generous with me and hardly had any suggestions in that department! I did take those that were shared to heart, though, and already have a long to-do list I’m working on.

Just so you know to be patient with me, the more technical changes are taking longer – since I’m needing to outsource that stuff. (Can I write a post? Sure! Can I hard-code something on my blog’s back-end? Not in the slightest!)

Thank you all again for participating so enthusiastically in the survey! I learned a ton and had a wonderful time reading each and every response.


  1. Very informative, thank you!

    PS As a Lubavitcher, I don’t see the need for a separate category…

    • Oh good – thanks. Many commented in the “other” category (which allowed comments), so I was hoping I did not offend!

    • I am so glad to hear that! As a non-Lubavitcher, I was totally surprised and offended to hear that some Lubavitchers don’t want to classify themselves as regular Orthodox.

  2. mara, i didnt fill out your survey because I had just discovered you that week!! But, I LOVE your blog and all the posts!
    I would love if you could do coupon match-ups for RiteAid. I have found great deals there over the past few weeks, don’t have that pesky beeping thing that Walgreens does and it seems the rewards are more straight forward and reliable.

    • Hi Toby! Thanks so much for your kind comments. I have heard and read great things about Rite-Ad, but unfortunately there are none where I live in Kansas City and therefore I really don’t know if I can fairly teach about them on my blog. It wouldn’t be from personal experience, yk? If you let me know where you’re from, I’d be happy to hook you up with a local blogger doing RA for your area.

  3. Jennifer H. says

    I live in an area with a Kroger and I follow a a couple of other blogs that do matchups for both of the stores you’ve listed above. Let me know how I can get you the information.

  4. I follow some ShopRite couponing blogs, i can help you out with that one!

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