Kosher on a Budget Recipe Exchange – What do you think?

I love that two of my readers (Thanks, Dana & Amanda!) have already shared some of their favorite frugal kosher recipes for Shabbat, chag or just during the week. While I have a bookshelf full of cookbooks, 9 out of 10 things that I cook come from recipes I found online. And to me, there is nothing better than a tried-and-true online recipe, so I don’t have to wonder if it’s really going to turn out or not!

So, I was thinking about starting a little recipe exchange here at Kosher on a Budget. We could do it by theme or by course, and I’d let you know on Wednesday what that would be. For now, let’s just share recipes in the comments section, but if we really get going, I can throw up a Mr. Linky for those of you with your own blog.

In addition to ingredients and instructions, I’d welcome any feedback you want to give other readers about how to keep the cost down. (Like how I did in those Notes on Cost in my Favorite Frugal Vegetarian Recipes post.) If you don’t keep strictly kosher, but still want to participate, you are more than welcome. Just please take care to only post recipes that do not mix dairy and meat products together, or contain pork or shellfish.

What do you think? Are you up for it? Let’s start with something simple: Favorite meat or pareve entrees for Shabbat. Be sure to consider the frugality of your recipe — i.e. $17.99/lb roast might not fit the frugal bill for everyone. Look through your recipe box (mine’s just a “favorites” file on Firefox) and pull out your favorite one for Friday morning’s post. Can’t wait to see what you’re cooking up!


  1. sounds good to me!

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