Kosher Once A Month Cooking, Part 3: The Shopping List

If you have been following along with Chavi Singer’s series about Kosher Once A Month (Meat) Cooking, then you have already learned how OAMC can save you money and time – and you’ve got three great recipes to turn into eight meals for your family.

Today is the final piece in the OAMC puzzle – the shopping list. If you are going to follow her plan to a T, here is everything you will need to make all three recipes, plus the basic meat sauce. Don’t forget to check your pantry and fridge for any ingredients you already have on hand!

OAMC Meat Plan ~ Shopping List

Meat Pantry Goods
8 lb 16 lb. ground chuck 1 c 2 c olive oil
½ lb. 1 lb. beef sausages 1 c 2 c BBQ sauce (or ketchup for beeferoni)
2 4 lbs wagon wheel shaped pasta
Vegetables 4 c 8 c chicken broth
2 lg. 4 lg. onions 2c 4c dry red wine
4 8 carrots
8 16 ribs celery Frozen
4 8 garlic cloves 2 lb 4 lb frozen hash browns
Canned Goods Spices
4 (8) 28-oz. cans tomato puree 2 T 4 T chili powder
4 (8) 28-oz cans tomato sauce 4 t 8 t garlic powder
2 (4) cans black beans 2 ½ T 5 T Herbs de Provence
2 (4 )cans kidney beans Salt, pepper to taste
2 (4) cans corn


What do you think? Are you ready to try OAMC cooking?

People think Chavi Singer is organized, but with eight kids in 20 years, she says she’s really just desperate! If she doesn’t make lists, her life falls apart. At her new blog Easy Jewish Home, Chavi shares this list making prowess with you, so you, too, can have an easier Jewish home.

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