Last Call! Buy $200 Prepaid AmEx Card, Get $25 FREE Bonus! (Ends 6/30)

American Express Prepaid Card

Just a last call reminder that through tomorrow night (6/30), you can get a FREE $25 gift card from American Express when you buy a pre-paid card (min. $200).

My husband and I both did this earlier in the month and have our $200 prepaid cards – and can’t wait to get our $25 gift cards (those take about 6 weeks).

Use the prepaid card just like you would cash – if your grocery budget is $200 for the week, for example, this card is a great way of keeping you on track without overspending!

We decided to use our cards for our July thru October blow money budget (we each get $50 per month).

Now I don’t have to remember to take out cash – we just use our prepaid cards! Plus, we get two FREE $25 gift cards – that are going into our summer vacation fund.

It’s FREE money!

When you sign up, you will need to provide your social security number and bank information – although there is not a credit check pulled for this pre-paid card.

Within a few days of registering, you will see two small deposits (e.g. $.51) and one debit (the total of the two deposits together – eg. $1.02). You’ll get an email notifying you of these deposits, and then you’ll just need to follow the link in the email to confirm the amount of those deposits.

Benefits of the pre-paid American Express cards:

  • The same fraud protection and roadside assistance programs of regular American Express memberships.
  • There are no annual fees, no customer service fees, and no credit checks (although, again, you do need to enter your social security number to buy the card).
  • There are no transaction fees (it’s free to use the card). They even give you one free ATM withdrawal on the pre-paid card!

Fine Print: This special offer is valid on pre-paid cards purchased thru 6/30/12. Limit one $25 gift card per user name. Allow six weeks for the $25 gift card to arrive. Standard shipping is FREE.

Note: You don’t need a promo code (just leave that box blank). You will need to fund your card from a checking or savings account.

Get started with your pre-paid American Express card HERE.

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  1. BTW you can purchase 2 additional cards per user as gifts for a total of 3 cards – one for self + 2 more for gifts for a total of 3 $25 GC. I did this and called to confirm it went through and they said it did. So hubby did it too. You need different accounts though. We each did self, each other, and one kid each. But each kid has to be over 13. You can also make one free withdrawl a month with no Amex fee up to $400. So if you can find a fee free ATM, you can withdraw the cash from checking with the PIN they send you!

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