Laura Geller Brighten & Blur 3-Piece Face Collection — As low as $22.96 (Reg. $79)

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What is your favorite makeup brand? Are you loyal to one product or company? Or will try whatever’s on sale? Or maybe you’re more like me — I’ve never really gotten the hang of wearing makeup other than for special occasions. But as I get (ehem) older, I’m realizing more and more how important using the right products is for my skin.

So I recently decided to talk to a friend of mine who is a dermatologist and find out what brands she recommends. She said that while generally she is more concerned with what you use to clean your face, rather than what you wear on it, she said that personally she loves Laura Geller products.

With a recommendation like that, I had to look into it. Apparently Geller was a makeup artist on Broadway for many years, before developing her own line of makeup and beauty products for the “everyday” woman (that’s me!). Twenty years ago, she started selling her own line on QVC, and while she has since expanded to many other avenues as well, QVC continues to be her “home base”.

I decided to keep my eye out for some Laura Geller sales at QVC and figured I’d try it when the price was right (can’t take the budgetnista out of the beauty-product-clueless girl!).

My patience paid off: For the month of July, QVC has the Laura Geller Brighten & Blur 3-Piece Face Collection on sale for just $32.96 (plus $3.50 shipping and handling).

Even better, new-to-QVC customers can use the coupon code OFFER to save $10 off their order, making it just $22.96 ($26.46 after shipping).

This three-piece set makes it so easy to prep and brighten your skin. In fact, I will confess that after playing with the makeup for a few weeks,  I have found that the spackle ethereal in particular has such amazing rose-tinted pigments, that I often don’t wear any other makeup at all (maybe just a quick brush of blush). My skin definitely looks younger, more awake, and “tighter”.

The Baked Highlighter is also wonderful for brightening your face and giving it dimension (like around your cheekbones). And it takes all of 30 seconds to apply!

I will say that since I rarely wear eye shadow, I haven’t gotten as much use out of the Spackle Waterproof Eye Primer, which is meant to enhance the longevity of your shadow and prevent creasing. Considering that buying all three products separately would you nearly $80, I think the price is definitely worth buying them together.

Choose from Fair/Light (what I got, and it blends perfectly) or Medium/Deep.

Full Disclosure: QVC gifted me with this wonderful Laura Geller set, and although it has been on sale all month, I’ve waited until I could fully give it a test run until sharing my opinions with you. All glowing impressions of the products (and glowing skin) are my own. 

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