Leave it to Martha… Chanukah Round-Up

martha chocolate dreidelsChag Orim Sameach. Happy Hanukkah!

Our kids are so excited to light their candles in a few brief hours. Our five year-old has informed me that, “Five years old is definitely old enough to light your own chanukiah WITHOUT help, Mommy!”

We shall see about that.

On tap tonight after the possibly-unassisted-candle lighting is a quick photo shoot with the Kansas City Star. (How fun! We were interviewed for an article about “frugal Chanukah celebrations” — KC people, check your Saturday papers. Thanks, Tamara!)

Then I will fry up the latkes for dinner. I’m still debating — straight up potato or sweet potato/white potato/zucchini combination?!

We will probably open a few gifts from the grandparents, too, and maybe even enjoy a round or two of sivivon.

Speaking of dreidels… leave it to Martha Stewart to come up with THE CUTEST edible dreidels I’ve ever seen. (Have I seen other edible dreidels?!) Get the recipe here. I think that even I, the un-crafty mom, might try these with my kids this week.

If you’re looking for more Chanukah crafts and activities, here’s a quick round-up:

  • Love these Chanukah stained glass windows from Matzo Ball Soup — My boys made these in gan in Israel. Fond memories! (And I swear I didn’t steal her pomegranate in the header!)
  • From coloring sheets to online games to recipes and crafts, Tzivos Hashem has a great Chanukah page. I’m thinking some coloring sheets might be the right speed for me — those Martha dreidels might be as much craftiness as I can handle.
  • And, um, ehem, you can always check out my guest post over at A Mother in Israel with a round-up of frugal and fun Chanukah crafts

Happy Chanukah, dear readers! May the light from your chanukiot illuminate our world more brightly than ever.


  1. Just wanted to wish you a Happy Chanukah! My daughter is going to burst she is so excited to light the candles. Also five, she will light them herself tonight 😉 She spent last night picking out which candles (all two) she would use…and it took almost 30 minutes to decide. HAHAHA.

    I love the stained glass window idea and will add that to our list of things to do this week…have to find some cellophane first 😉


  2. Happy Chanukah.

    I remember your mom making latkes on campus at Southeast. Post a link to the article if it is online Sunday.


  3. Thanks for the Martha Stewart recipe! It helped me decide that our Chanukah party on Sunday night should be dairy instead of meat!

  4. Congrats on the KC Star mention. Can’t wait to read it.

  5. Has Martha made her own sufganiyot yet?? Hmm? No? I did!! I posted a pic. Actually, my husband did all of the hard work and I did the frying (no deep fryer either), jam insertion, and powdered sugar topping. Result? De-lish!!

  6. hi Mara,
    thank you fir the shout out, and i love your pomegranates…
    happy Chanukah

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