LAST DAY Mabel’s Labels Cyber Monday (& Tuesday) Sale — Save Up to 50% On Labels

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Mabel's Labels

The Cyber Monday has started a bit early at my favorite label company, Mabel’s Labels. They have three different offers, all of which are valid today thru Tuesday, December 2nd at 11:59 pm EST.

You can customize your labels with dozens of designs and colors. My #1 tip is to USE YOUR LAST NAME. That way, siblings can use the same set — and your money goes further!

Cyber Monday Deal #1 | Save 30% off Skinny Minis and Tag Mates at Mabel’s Labels

Skinny Minnies

Skinny Minis are my favorite for labeling school supplies, food storage containers and water bottles. They’re dishwasher and microwave safe, and perfect for camp or daycare.

40 Skinny Mini Labels for $14.70 (regularly $21)

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 12.40.46 AM

Tag Mates are what I use on all my kids’ clothing and bedding for camp. Basically anything that goes in the wash gets a Tag Mate at my house. They are laundry-safe, that peel and stick on clothing — no need for ironing or sewing.

40 Tag Mates Labels for $14.70 (regularly $21)

Cyber Monday Deal #2 | 40% off Sticky Labels and Shoe Labels at Mabel’s Labels

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 12.42.13 AM

Sticky Labels are durable and waterproof — the perfect way to identify lunch containers, bottles, toys, sports equipment — basically any easy to lose item.

40 Sticky Labels for $12.60 (reg. $21)

Mabel's Labels Shoes

Shoe Labels are fantastic – especially for little kids who can’t seem to keep their shoes on. (Um, we may have experience with this one.) They are extra tough and waterproof, designed to easily peel and stick to the insoles of footwear.

40 Shoe Labels for $12.60 (reg. $21)

Cyber Monday Deal #3 | 50% off Scan & Stores and Wash Aways at Mabel’s Labels

Scan & Store Labels

I wrote about the genius scan & store labels before, so I’m going to just reshare a piece of that review:

Can’t remember where you put your baby’s size 6-12 month clothes? Not certain where your Passover dishes are stores? What about those photo albums from the 1990s?

With the new Scan & Store labels from Mabel’s Labels, you will can not only organize and store – but TRACK all your precious belongings.

Here’s how it works:

1. Fill up a bin, tote or other container and apply a Scan & Store Label

2. Scan the QR code on the left side of the label with the Write Away! app.  (Compatible only with iPhones 3GS or newer right now.)

3. Input the title, location, description and a photograph of the container.

From your smartphone, you can store the names and photographs of an unlimited number of items; assign them to a container; search for containers; and more.

18 waterproof, UV-resistent labels will run your $12. While not as “cheap” as a Sharpie on a piece of masking tape, I do see this as a one-time investment in organizing your “deep storage”, which can pay off in saved frustration over the long run.

$6 for 18 labels (reg. $12)

Wash Aways — I’m not familiar with Wash Away Labels, but they look like they’d be great for freezer cooking buffs.

$5 for 24 labels (reg. $9.99)

Shipping is always free from Mabel’s Labels.  Just be sure to order your labels before Tuesday, December 2nd at 11:59 pm EST.



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