Mail Order Meat: Golden West Glatt

In my very first post (all 3.5 weeks ago), I alluded to this amazing place that we special order our kosher, free-range, grass fed beef from. I’ve gotten a couple of questions about it, so I wanted to share the scoop with all of you.

The place is called Golden West Cattle. It’s located in Denver, Colorado and their beef is all glatt kosher. Their cows are grass fed, without artificial growth hormones or antibiotics, so while not strictly organic, I feel really good about buying this meat.

In addition, the meat is GOOOOOD. We have never gotten a cut of meat — from humble ground beef to extravagant flank steak — that isn’t absolutely incredible. And their prices are really competitive with the kosher beef options that I’ve seen at some Costcos or even from our local kosher co-op. You do have to pay for shipping, so I’d recommend ordering up to the limit for your shipping category or splitting with a friend.

A note on shipping: They send out their meat via 2-day shipping, unless you pay (a lot) extra for overnight. The meat will arrive in a huge cardboard box, with a styrofoam cooler inside. The cooler is filled with dry ice. I worried about defrosting the first time I ordered, but our meat has always arrived frozen SOLID.

If you’re wondering what I typically order, here’s what was in our last cart, a little over 6 weeks ago:

  • 20 lbs of ground beef, individually wrapped in 1-lb packages — it’s less expensive to order 20 lbs at a time, and we go through it surprisingly quickly
  • 2 4-packs of boneless chuck — it was on sale, Buy-One-Get-One-Half-Off
  • 4 lbs of skirt steak — a special treat for my husband’s birthday

Even with the 9 days, we’ve gone through 3 pounds of steak and about half the ground beef, thanks to an awful lot of cook-outs on Sunday evenings. The boneless chuck will be used for cholent and stews come fall, although I may try it in the roast recipe that Amanda posted in the Kosher Recipe Exchange last week (see the comments for her recipe)!

So that’s the skinny on our mail order meat. Even if you live in a market with quick and inexpensive access to kosher meat (jealous, jealous, jealous), I still encourage you to give Golden West a try. Their meat really is THAT good.

P.S. Golden West Cattle has no idea who I am… well, actually, they might know who Mara in Kansas City is, since I order from them a lot and have emailed them on occasion. But they have no idea that I write a blog and they certainly aren’t comping me in anyway to say that their beef rocks our world!


  1. I checked them out…thanks so much for the link. I assume you have an extra freezer? My side-by-side I don’t think could hold 20lbs of ground beef. But I am definitely going to look into ordering from them! Thanks for the link.

    • We do have an extra freezer, although we only got it a few months ago, and before then, did manage to get at least 17 lbs in our top freezer in one shot. They come individually packaged in 1-lb bags, so it’s easier to wedge them in.

      • Tziporah Mazer says

        We also order from them. usually my mom, sister and a friend get together and order, cutting down on delivery costs. If you know if some people who want to order, usually bf Yom toviem, ask them to order with you.

  2. This meat is not grass-fed and free-range, it’s vegetarian fed and hormone free…. There is a difference however.

    • You’re right, thanks, Naf. But I asked specifically on the grass-fed thing and seem to recall (have to check if I still have the email from a while ago) being told that they are.

  3. What has happened to Golden West Glatt???
    Is someone buying them? Are they coming back into business? Please answer if you know anything!!!!!

    • I wish I knew. I heard from a friend in Denver that they have closed. Emails and phone calls have not been returned. I am SO sad about this as their meat is far and away the best I’ve had.

      • I just happened upon this blog, Mara. I too live in KC and have been looking for kosher free-range beef. I am so sad to hear this outfit has closed.
        Any advice on chicken?

  4. I am so sad to see them go.. They were so great and really helped my mixed house keep kosher (my chinese man likes lots of meat in his diet) I live in STL and found lots of the “regular” kosher meats are so dang salty!

  5. tylermusiclady says

    I am so sad to see Golden West go. I agree with Mara, their beef was fantastic. We live 90 miles from the nearest kosher meat store, it was so convenient.

  6. Am so disappointed to hear that Golden West is gone. Their ribs and steak were beyond outstanding, by far the best kosher meat i have ever had. Their packaging was better than any other kosher meat deliveries – always arrived frozen solid and easy to put in the freezer. What happened? Am so, so sad about this.

  7. I miss Golden West too. Counting on them for Pesach. Any suggestions where to get a great roast for 12 people? Don’t even know what cut to get and how much. Please help

    • H Meltzer says

      GW provided the finst beef I ever bought, much less Kosher beef, which is of poor quality where we live. Try Griller’s Pride in Atlanta. They have good Kosher meats and deli meats. We just ordered a bunch of beef for Pesach, but we won’t know how it compares with GW. Looks pretty good, though. Shipping is just like GW, and the folks there are friendly and helpful. Keep fingers crossed, and have a wonderful Pesach,

  8. Any experience with these folks?

    They are certainly not cheap….

  9. GW was great. Now I use Griller’s in Atlanta…it’s good meat…and chickens. Huge variety…

  10. You can get from

  11. Are they still in Business ??

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