Mama Needs a New Pair of Shoes

If you’re a mom to young kids, perhaps you have the same problem I do: I hate shopping for myself.

Part of this is a long-standing issue. I’ve never really enjoyed shopping for myself.

But part of this is my kids’ fault. You see, it’s such a delight to pick out their super cute clothes, especially since there is ZERO concern about hip spread or muffin tops or feet that have somehow managed to grow 2 sizes in three pregnancies.

(Over share?)

My shoe situation is downright dire. My Shabbat shoes — yes, I had ONE pair of Shabbat shoes — had holes in the soles. Actual HOLES. So, I replaced them with a pair of shoes from Payless. Oy, what a mistake. I have already worn through the heel. Plus, it was somewhat humiliating when I realized that my friend’s pre-teen daughter has the exact same pair of shoes.

(Definitely over share?)

All this to say, I was quite pleased with myself when I found these shoes at They are respectably adult (pre-teens wouldn’t wear these, right?), without being granny. (Not that there’s anything wrong with being granny … if you are a granny!)

Guess how much they cost me? Just guess.


Wha??? Yes, seriously. $13.70.

(With shipping and tax it came to $21.95. The same pair of shoes is currently $75.50 at Zappos. If that doesn’t make me feel all superior, I don’t know what does!)

You, too, can find this pair of shoes, or similarly sweet deals, at right now. They are running a very awesome 70% Clearance Sale. Plus with coupon codes, you will save even more!

  • Use the coupon code NATSAVINGS at checkout, which will take an additional 15% off your order.
  • Alternatively, use the code ECU1012 to get $10 off an order of $10 or more.

Shipping starts from $6.50 for one pair of shoes; $2 for each additional pair. The shipping is kinda steep… but with the deal on the shoes, I’m gonna try not to complain too much.

Don’t forget to click through ebates to get an additional 5% cashback.

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  1. Thaaaaaaaaank you. I got these. Same price. Please gush.


  2. I couldn’t find anything quite that good. Just wanted to note, though, only one of the promo codes will work at a time.

  3. These shoes are awesome looking, but too high of a heel for me.

    I had my 10+ year old shabbos shoes re-soled a couple of years ago. It was not as cheap as these shoes, but I think worth it. I think I paid $65 for them when I had just become frum back in the mid-90’s. I don’t remember what I paid to have them resoled.

    I actually buy most of my shoes on ebay. I have 3 pair of ecco shoes for which I spent less than $30 each. And they were all practically new! I’m wearing right now a pair of waterproof Timberland hiking boots that were “used” ((really new) and cost me $15 on eBay.

    My method is to look for “used” shoes. From what I have seen (and bought), most of the “used” shoes on ebay are not terribly used. People want to maintain their reputations on ebay and so they have to mark stuff as “used” shoes that were worn only a handful of times. You can usually tell from the picture of the soles and the inside of the shoes how worn they are. The cost savings is significant. They are not cheap particularly, but you can get some great value, e.g. $25 for a pair of new $125 shoes.

  4. I LOVE Mary Janes and these are adorable. Good job!

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