Mason Jar Salads for Mishloach Manot

Mason Jar Salad

It’s crunch time on your mishloach manot. If you’re looking for a healthier approach, look no further. I was struck by a flash of inspiration today and I’m so excited to share it with you: Shalach Manot Mason Jar Salads!

Have you heard about Mason jar salads? They are all the rage on Pinterest and several of my favorite bloggers have posted about these over the last year.

But it wasn’t until I was trying to brainstorm for creative mishloach manot containers — and thought about mason jars — that I realized how perfect these would be for Purim!

For a good-sized salad, I recommend using quart-size Mason jars, ideally with a wide mouth (makes it easier to load, and also to eat from later). For a smaller salad, or even a fruit salad, a pint size jar would work well. The jars can be purchased at any big box store (like Target or Walmart), your local grocery stores, or at Amazon. (I’d aim to pay about $1.25 or less per jar.)

There is no real recipe for Mason Jar Salads — but it’s best to follow a general pattern for layering your jar.

Layer 1: The dressing goes in the bottom of the jar. This is key — it’s the way you guarantee that your salad ingredients don’t get all soggy.

Layer 2: Next, layer in a grain (like quinoa or couscous) or a protein (like chickpeas, canned beans or shredded chicken). You can also use chunky/heartier veggies (like roughly cut peppers, broccoli, or even tomatoes) to create a barrier that will protect your more tender ingredients from getting wet.

Layer 3: Third into the jar goes all the yummy add-ins — those things that make me LOVE eating salad: slivered almonds, sunflower seeds, dried fruit, cheese (crumbled feta or shredded parmesan are my favs). Since these are separated from the dressing by Layer 2, they will stay dry until it’s time to eat!

Layer 4: Last, but certainly not least, go your leafy greens. Spinach, butter lettuce, mixed greens or even baby kale (love baby kale) all work great.

To serve your Mason jar salad, just turn the jar upside down and dump it into a bowl. The greens go in first, making a perfect bed for your salad — and the dressing lands on top. Toss and enjoy!

Salad Mason jars can last in the fridge for up to a week — which means you can already start prepping your mishloach manot today.

How to Assemble a Mason Jar Salad

Looking for cute labels for your mishloach manot? I love these!

Thanks to the variety of foods you can put in your Mason jar, the layered salad can be your entire mishloach manot (in my example above, you have the brachot of adama, she’hakol, and ha’etz). However, if you wanted to provide two totally separate foods, you could tie some flatbread crackers or breadsticks to the jar. Cute!

I’m also thinking this would be adorable wrapped up with some wooden disposable forks, maybe tied with rafia?

The possibilities are endless — you could make a pasta salad, a fruit salad, the list goes on and on! Can you tell I’m excited about this idea?!

If you decide to make Mason Jar Mishloach Manot, would you be so kind as to send me an email and let me know? I’d love to see a picture of your creation!

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  1. Just as an FYI many poskim seem to say that giving a salad is considered one food for Mishloach Manos regardless of how many layers and/or brochos it contains

  2. Love this!

    re giving 2 types of food – you only need to do that for 1 to be yotzei the mitzvah. The additional mishloach manot are gestures of good will and do not need two types.

  3. Yum!Now I know what to do with all those glass jars I refuse to throw out! Thank you!

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