1. love love love Mint. I commented earlier about how I set up a tag in Mint for unplanned purchases ($10 of $10 purchase still generates $1.29 charge due to tax, etc.). So, I can still categorize appropriately, but in a blink I can see how much have I spent trying to “save money”.

    I particularly love that i can turn the data over and around, without complicated Excel formulas… I can see exactly how much I’ve spent on groceries in the last 6 months, which was the highest/lowest month, what’s the average over those 6 months, and at which store I spent the most. I haven’t found a question that Mint can’t answer with the canned views/searches about our finances.

    These two things combined, I’m hoping, will also help me determine what the difference in my spending/budget is since I started deal/couponing.

    • I can’t wait to hear how you’ve done with deal/couponing. That’s such a cool way to apply to your financial life!

  2. I love mint; we’ve been using it for about a year. What really attracted us to it in the first place is that we were using Quicken, but that can only be used on one computer. As we were budgeting together, but living apart (before getting married), it was nice for both of us to be able to look at the data when we needed to and not be tied to a single computer. Now that we’re married it’s still nice, because we still both mainly have our own computers, so we can each look at it when we need to, regardless of what the other is doing.

    • Good point on the Quicken thing. As a Mac user, Quicken for Macs is insanely expensive… and of course is free! (which y’all know is my favorite price 😉

  3. Jackie, were you able to transfer your Quicken data to I’ve been using Quicken for years but am a little frustrated with the way it does some things. I’d like to try mint, but only if I can transfer all my data and categories.

  4. Jennifer Bishop says

    I have been using Quicken for years and extensively use “tags”. For instance, I can enter transactions (multiple categories) for a house at 113 Bluebird and for a different house a 224 Rainbow. Then, I can run a report that combines all the houses, or a report just for the expenses at 113 Bluebird. Can I do this with Thanks for your help.

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