More Free Excedrin Coupons

Did you sign up for the free Excedrin when I posted about it a few days ago?

Well, now you can get even more free Excedrin.

Use this link to, then click on Healthcare in the left hand menu. There were three different varieties that popped up for me right on the first page. Just fill in your details to have them mail you the coupon.

No more headaches for my friends!


  1. I keep on missing this!! The limit is always reached when I try to sign up. =( I definitely use excedrin. I hate it when I get a headache. I did get this free from wal-mart a few weeks ago at least =)

    • Did it say limit reached after you put in your details? It did that for me, too, and I *think* what that means is that you can’t request another one … but that one should go through. HTH.

  2. Yes, that’s what it did. Let’s hope that’s the case =)

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