More iPhone Options – Virgin Mobile to Offer Pay-As-You-Go Service, Too!

Gotta love the free market!

A few days ago, I shared that Cricket would be launching pay-as-you-go iPhone service. Today, Virgin Mobile has confirmed that they are getting in on the no-contract action, too.

Starting June 24 (two days after Cricket), Virgin Mobile will have the iPhone 4s available for $649, or the iPhone4 for $549. This is more than the initial outlay for Cricket (by $200 for the 4s), but Virgin Mobile’s monthly plans are cheaper.

You can grab the plan my husband currently has for his ‘Droid – 300 minutes per month plus unlimited text and data for just $35 per month.

Or you can get 1,200 minutes per month (also with unlimited text and data) for just $45 per month. According to Cult of Mac’s math (thanks, Caroline!), that works out to be over $1000 cheaper over the typical two-year contract than AT&T.


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