My 3 Favorite Deals from Today, AKA “Black Thursday”

Well, retailers sure did keep us deal seekers on our toes today! We knew that retail stores were opening earlier than ever before for Black Friday, but what we didn’t know was that they were going to “treat” us with an onslaught of pre-release Black Friday deals, starting first thing this morning.

The blog was a bit hectic today – and it probably will be tomorrow morning, too. I’m doing my best to handpick the deals that I am most excited about – the ones that offer the biggest savings, that my readers have specifically asked about, and/or that I am – or would be – buying.

In case you missed them, here are my three favorite deals from today:

Keurig Elite Coffee Maker for $71 – My dad even bought this through my blog! I am *this close* to getting one for DH (I’m convincing myself we “need” it, which is always dangerous!) It’s still available if you’re yearning for a Keurig.

MacBook Air for $849 ($150 off!) – I love my MacBook, what can I tell you? I know some of you think that Macs are a waste of money, but for the “converted”, this deal from Amazon is stellar. Mac laptops rarely if ever go on sale (barring the back-to-school promotion for students) and this price is hands down the best we’ll see this season!

30% Site Wide at – Even the Jewish vendors are riding the Black Friday wave. Look for a few more deals tomorrow, but for today, this is one definitely makes my top 3 list!

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving, if you were celebrating. And if you were shopping, I hope you enjoyed some wonderful savings!

See you bright and early in the morning!

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