My Black Friday Game Plan ~ What’s On Your Wish List?

A week from tomorrow is Black Friday.

That’s a pretty big deal in “my” world – as you might imagine.

But the irony is that Friday is actually not the biggest deal. In actuality, the money saving madness starts on Thursday, November 22 – aka Thanksgiving.

That’s right: Most stores put their Black Friday sales online a day early.

Plus, if the past is any predictor, we can also expect to see a lot of “unannounced” sales popping up throughout the day.

And of course, Amazon will have their Lightning Deals running all week long.

So, if you’ve got a special item or two on your “wish I could find a great deal on this” list, don’t wait until Friday to start shopping!

I will be here, all next week and starting bright and early Thursday morning to bring you guys the very best of the Black Friday maddness.

(Don’t worry: I plan to take a break late afternoon for Thanksgiving dinner with the family, but I’ll be back that evening and again on (Black) Friday.)

What does all this mean to you?

Well, now is a great time to make your “wish list”.

What items — big or small — do you need and/or want for yourself and your family?

Have you been putting off some major purchases?

Do you want to finish up your Chanukah shopping?

I suggest you do a bit of leg-work now to figure out what your “buy now” price is – that way you’ll be ready to move quickly when those deals show up.

Google the items, use the Amazon Price Tracker, and/or use the search bar here (it’s over there on the top right) to find out what kinds of deals we’ve seen in the past.

Black Friday 2012 In the Stores

In case you missed it, I’ve posted some of the hottest Black Friday 2012 ads over the past several days. Here are the  highlights:

Costco 2012 Black Friday Deals

CVS 2012 Black Friday Deals

JCPenney 2012 Black Friday Deals

Kohl’s 2012 Black Friday Deals

Office Depot 2012 Black Friday Deals

Office Max 2012 Black Friday Deals

Sears 2012 Black Friday Deals

Target 2012 Black Friday Deals

Toys R Us 2012 Black Friday Deals

Check out all the Black Friday 2012 Ads Here.

Black Friday 2012 Online

If you don’t want to fight with 100 other customers over the two cheap toaster that a store has in stock, do what I do: Shop online. (Preferably in your PJs!)

And please be sure check your favorite blog (this is your favorite, right?) for all the latest and greatest in Black Friday sales.

Don’t forget...

I know what a thrill it is to score a good deal – believe me!

But I also remember the anxiety of  getting a credit card bill I couldn’t afford to pay off.

So, this is as good a time as any for me to throw out my standard reminder:  If you can’t afford it, it’s not a bargain.

What’s On Your Wish List? 

So now that we’ve covered all the basics, let’s get down to it.

What are you looking for? Or better yet, wishing for?

What’s the one special item on your list that you’d really love to find a killer deal on?

I can’t promise I’ll find them all, of course, but having this running list does help me to decide what to post when I facing a wall of great deals. So have at it:

Leave me a comment with the item or items that you are really hoping to score on this Black Friday season.


  1. i am looking for a step2 kitchen (either lifestyle custom or the dream kitchen) and an immersion blender

  2. i want a tv for our bedroom and maybe a new laptop!

  3. Swingset for the kids’ combination birthday present.
    Some sort of iPad or Kindle Fire for me.
    A decent pot set for the kitchen to replace the ones we’ve lost or worn out since we got married.
    Kid’s and toddler’s winter coats.
    Men’s running gear.
    Men’s and women’s running shoes, preferably Asics.

  4. my husband really wants an affordable tablet for me (bc i refuse to pay for a smart phone data plan). thx!

  5. Rochie Schwartz says

    I need a new laptop!

  6. I’m looking for a large toaster oven (that can fit a 9×13 pan) and a spectacular deal on a digital camera.

  7. Crock pot, immersion blender, tv like the one you posted today but an Emerson ;). Also the fisher price wheelies loops n swirls amusement park.
    I’m hoping Walgreens has the B1G1 toys again this year!

  8. Crock pot, immersion blender, tv like the one you posted today but an Emerson or Sony, Also the fisher price wheelies loops n swirls amusement park.
    I’m hoping Walgreens has the B1G1 toys again this year!

  9. I especially need a new washing machine, possibly a dryer, and a dishwasher. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!

  10. Crock pot, immersion blender, tv like the one you posted today but an Emerson or Sony, Also the fisher price wheelies loops n swirls amusement park.

  11. basic internet modem

  12. My sister needs a new washer, dryer (Electric), and fridge. Thanks Hurricane Sandy.

    I’d like a 27″ flat panel TV….

  13. I’m also curious if North Face has any Black Friday sales

  14. kitchen playset, dvd player, chanuka gifts for kids, winter boots and sneakers for my son, slow cooker

  15. I am looking for a keyboard for my daughter, Legos and wii games for my sons. I love this blog!

  16. I’m planning to make Pesach for the first time this year so I’m hoping to buy a lot of kitchen appliances and odd and ends on BF. I bought the set of pots that you posted recently (amazon lightning deal – thanks Mara!), but I still need an urn, food processor, mixer, and good quality knives. That’s the stuff I actually need. What I want is a great deal on a Step2 kitchen for the kiddos and a digital camera with HD video recording for me.

  17. I would love a good deal on a recumbent bike!

  18. Esther Schnaidman says

    I’m looking for a google nexus 7 tablet.

  19. A deep fryer

  20. We’re looking for an android tablet, a good basic laptop, and a fancier digital camera. Plus girls clothes 2T and up and boys 7 and up. And lego sets, as always.

  21. I’m looking for an xbox 360 250gb with kinect. good price on extra controllers. barbeque tools and pots.

  22. Sharon Feiler says

    Hi – I’m looking for a Wii. BestBuy has the Wii with Wii Sports for $129.99 I’m hoping someone will sell for less on Black Friday and beyond

  23. I need a KitchenAid Professional 6?0 mixer. Mine died 2 weeks ago, and the extended warranty paid off! (Normally, I wouldn’t buy an extended warranty. But it was $60 for 10 years, and I *KNOW* how hard I am on my mixer.) I need the 6qt, because that way I can use the extra bowl and beaters from my old one! When I bought the last one, I got a free ice cream maker attachment with it – I’m hoping for some kind of cool special like that.

  24. My BF list so far: Tablet (maybe Windows 8, or Android or iPad – I’m flexible!); wristwatch (not much of a BF-type purchase, but…); and a low-end Blu Ray player.

  25. My laptop fell last week and smashed into many pieces. So I am desperately looking for a new one. Preferably a 17″ but no smaller than a 15″. Thanks for all you great tips!

  26. A good quality doll crib (Melissa & Doug or KidKraft would be awesome!) for my daughter, and a new digital camera for me!

  27. I am looking for deals on a TV (around 40″) money is really tight right now, but the TV we have is just barely hanging on, so a great deal would really be awesome!

  28. GPS (ours recently got stolen)
    Melissa n Doug toys, arts n cafts
    Leap pad, or other kids tablet

  29. Kids tablet, leap pad or such
    Melissa and Doug

  30. Ipod touch,
    Twin mattress,
    Twin sheet set,
    Kids pjs,
    36″ drop-in cooktop

  31. Cganna'gmail says

    Keurig machine!

  32. Magnatiles

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