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My Chore Chart

Are you looking for a way to motivate your kids to follow-through on their chores? Or to personally keep track of whether or not they’ve done them?

(For example, my oldest unloads the dishwasher every morning – if he hasn’t done his chore, I notice immediately. My middle child’s job is to wipe down the bathroom; he often “gets away” with not doing it as I simply don’t notice.)

Plus, my kids tend to do things like, oh, play XBox, before they get their chores done. And I’m really trying to drill into them the concept of responsibilities before privileges.

Here’s a solution I recently learned about and am planning to check out: My Job Chart.

My Job Chart is a free online job chart that kids can access from your computer to track their chores and then earn points for their work – which can be turned in for “rewards” (including an reward).

My kids love being on the computer, and I love anything that will help us stay organized and on track!

Check out My Job Chart HERE.

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