My Weekly Savings: Dollar Tree & Walmart

I often get asked about deal shopping at dollar stores. At which point, I have to admit that while I’ve heard good things about doing that, I’ve never done it personally and therefore can’t really comment.

Well, today’s trip to the Dollar Tree to pick up some extra newspapers just might change that!

There were FOUR sets of inserts in today’s paper, so I knew I wanted to get my hands on some extra copies. The Dollar Tree in my area sells copies of the Sunday paper for just $1 each (regularly $2). The limit is 6 per person, and you have to get them directly from the cashier  – a security  measure after people were stealing inserts out of the paper.

The Dollar Tree opens at 10 on Sundays – I got there at 9:58 and there was already a line… all of whom were also there to get the newspapers. Love me some couponers!

In addition to picking up four copies of the paper, I got clips and kookoos (hair bands) for my daughter’s hair (not pictured).

In the back of the store, I spied an end-rack filled with Thomas Bagels (our store-bought favorite) and bread. SCORE! I picked up 5 bags of bagels, plus three bags of whole wheat bread for $1 each! And then on the way out, I grabbed a three-pack of Yoohoo chocolate milk, which my darling and impatient children have already drunk.

Note: You always need to check expiration dates at dollar stores. The Thomas has a sell-by date of 10/5/11. I just popped them in the freezer when I got home, but be sure you can consumer/freeze items in time to make it worth the outlay at dollar stores.

Total spent: $15 + tax. Total saved (best guess): $20.

At Walmart, I price matched the avocados to Aldi ($.49 each), scored some clearanced dog treats ($1 per bag, normally $3.99), and then grabbed cream cheese (full price), milk (not pictured, but I price matched a gallon to Aldi – $1.99) and two packages of tortillas ($1.78 – this is our favorite brand, no hydrogenated fats and same price as the store brand!).

Total spent: $11 + tax. Total saved: $10.65

Anyone score some bargains this fine Sunday? Let me know what your best deals were!



  1. Brooke Weiss says

    I bought extra newspapers today, too. Found some great deals. If you use Cover Girl there is an $8 off two Cover Girl products. Use thus with Rite Aide’s buy 1/ 50% off and spend $4 on $12 worth of Cover Girl products. There is also a buy 1 get 1 coupon for Kotex that you can bundle with a Walgreen’s deal. Done nice Shampoo deals, too.

  2. Hi there, when you price match Walmart with Aldi do you have a flyer to show Walmart the milk and avocado prices?

    • According to Walmart’s price match policy, you do not need to show the ads. However, I usually try to bring them with me, just in case. I haven’t been asked for them yet!

      • Thanks Mara! I have never tried to price match without the flyer. I’ll try next week to see if that works in my area. Aldi and Save a lot do not usually include the price of their milk on their flyer as far as I know. Thanks again!

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