Need New Glasses? Amazing Deal at Eye Master / Vision Works (2 Pairs for $89)

My eight year just got glasses. Once we had his prescription, our first stop was Costco. Their price, including lenses, was $100. It would take a week to make them. And frankly, much though I love Costco, they didn’t have a very good selection.

Next we went to Target. Slightly better selection – even higher price tag ($120). And two week turn-around.

Walmart’s optometry department was closed.

I got on my phone and did some searching. I found this coupon for Eye Masters. I think I may have heard angels singing.

Get TWO pairs of glasses – not one, TWO – for $99 + Save an additional $10 = $89 for TWO PAIRS. You can get the two pairs for the same person – or for two different people.

Their selection was outstanding, too! We quickly found six pairs that we liked. And they made the glasses that day (we picked them up the next day, though, because it was dinner time and everyone was losing it after our long shopping trip.)

At less than what one pair would’ve cost at Costco, we got two pairs – and skipped the “insurance” (which Target offered us for a $30 premium + a $25 copay to replace). We just put the second pair in our room so we’ll give it to him when he needs his insurance.

My kiddo loves his frames, and I love the price.

Go print your Eye Master / Vision Works coupon. Seriously, save yourself some money.


  1. I just want to say thanks a bunch. I printed the coupon and took my son to choose 2 pairs of glasses at Eye Master soon after I read your post. They will be ready to pick up tomorrow. We scored 2 pairs of really nice looking Sketcher glasses for 95 out the door with taxes and all.

    • Hooray! I am so happy for you guys. I still can’t quite believe how inexpensive it was (and how pleasant the experience). Happy to share the “wealth”!

  2. That is a great price. My 3 1/2 year old has been wearing glasses for almost 2 years. I just got her some at Target and paid $200. With a 3 year old you really need the insurance. Do you know if they do transition lens, here in Colorado I find she really needs them because she has to wear them all the time.

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