Need a Pesach Pantry? Get Thee to Aldi!

I was Aldi the other day and noticed one of their special, limited-time buys — and thought to myself: This would make a perfect Pesach pantry!

(My 13 year-old, who was with me, was only slightly mortified that I was taking a picture of them. “Why are you doing that Ima? Oohhhhh, the blog.” He knows me so well!)

It was $49.99 at my local Aldi – and will probably be about the same at yours. This is $8 than the lowest I’ve ever seen elsewhere.

This looks exactly the same as the same cabinet that I use for Pesach and it’s so awesome! I store dishes, food, paper goods and more in it – and it really makes it easier to keep my kitchen under control during those days. Plus, I have to empty out fewer cabinets, which makes getting ready for Pesach slightly easier, too.

Are you new to Aldi? You may want to check out this post before you go!

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