Netflix: Get Two FREE Months of Basic Membership

We signed up for a free month trial of Netflix back in January, after we got our new BluRay player for Chanukah. That way we could stream through the Blu Ray right onto our TV. We really enjoyed it and have been debating signing up for a full membership.

If you’re wondering whether to take the Netflix plunge, too, here’s an awesome deal: Get two months of instant streaming for FREE — one through Netflix and the other through Ebates.

Here’s how to get the deal:

  • Search for Netflix – right now they have an $8 cashback deal. Click that link to get to the Netflix site.
  • Instead of canceling at the end of the first month (which I’d normally recommend), go ahead and roll over to the second month – i.e. the paid month. That will cost $7.99, but since you’re getting back $8 from Ebates, it’s actually FREE. Or you can “upgrade” to also get unlimited DVDs for just $2 more a month – making your out of pocket for that month just $1.98 after Ebates.

If you are new to Ebates, you will get a $5 credit when you make your first purchase – turning this little deal into a money maker!

And if for some reason you’d rather not click through Ebates, you can still get one month free trial directly from Neflix.

Happy Movie Night!

P.S. You can watched streamed video on your TV by going through a device like a Blu Ray player that is wifi-ready.  You can also use a Roku, Wii or Play Station3 or XBox 360. Or you can stream through your computer and watch it there – or connect your computer to your TV. Not that I understand this stuff in the slightest, but my husband says there’s a cord you can get (HDMI, maybe?) to hook up your laptop to your TV.

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