Netflix Party | Virtually Watch Netflix Together with Friends!

This looks cool — and like a fun way to “hang out together” while staying safe and keeping apart.

Did you know there is a Chrome extension called Netflix Party that allows you to “host” long-distance movie nights by synchronizing video playback on Netflix and enabling a group chat feature?

To use it, simply head HERE and hit the “Add to Chrome” button.

Then, from your Netflix account, select your video and begin playing.

Next hit the red “NP” icon (next to your address bar) to invite friends.

Click “Start Party” and share the party URL with your friends to start your Netflix Party!

If you get invited to join a party, just click the URL when you receive it, and you’ll be sent to Netflix. Then hit the “NP” button and you’ll connect automatically. Now you can comment in the group chat as well.

I believe this works even for invitees who do not have a Netflix account (although at this point, I bet most of us do!).

Thanks, Hip2Save.

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