New $1/1 Barilla Coupon

Yesterday was Send a Hug Day (buh?!) and Barilla is giving you a $1 off coupon for their sauce to celebrate!

$1 off will no doubt get you some very cheap – and possibly even FREE with a sale – sauce.

Thanks, Couponing For 4.


  1. NY ppl- its on sale this week @ waldbaums! 🙂

  2. Thanks, Mara! Kroger also has a Catalina deal on Barilla sauce good through 11/11: Buy 2, get $1 off your next shopping order. Buy 3, get $2. Buy 4, get $3.

  3. Hi Mara,

    I don’t see where you can get the coupon. Did I miss it?

  4. Hi! I liked barilla US on facebook but am not sure how to get my coupon…this often happens to me on FB! What’s the trick?

    • After you like, you have to click the coupon link. I’m on phone right but I’m wondering if it’s no longer available?

  5. I heard that Barilla changed their formula and is no longer Kosher.

    • OMG! We go through about three jars a week and just went and looked at it and you are right! There is no hechsher. Oy! I guess I have a call to make.

      • That is so weird b/c we bought a jar recently (maybe 2 weeks ago) and it was definitely hechshered. Let us know what you find out, Ali.

  6. So I just looked through all my jars (and I have a lot of them). So the plain marinara does still have a hechsher. But the mushroom and garlic (which is the one we use most) does not. However, I just went to the OU website and they have the mushroom and garlic one on their site as being kosher, but they don’t list the marinara. I’ll let you know what I find out when I call them tomorrow. I am praying that if it’s no good it doesn’t require me getting rid of or kashering things because it’s probably the one food in my house that has been used on and in everything in my kitchen, milchig and fleishig.

  7. i couldn’t get the copon either ….

    i noticed that not all the barilla sauces have the kosher symbol on it. i buy this also but i always checkthe symbol because things change and for whatever reason only some flavors have it. i think las t tie i bought the garlic because that is the one i saw the the symbol. … maybe it is made in different locations and pending where it comes fro if it has the symbol….

  8. Just spoke to the OU. The mushroom and garlic now has a non-kosher ingredient added to the mushrooms, so it is no longer kosher. I believe the other flavors are. He said that there is not enough of the non-kosher ingredient to “treif up” my pots, etc, but the food cannot be eaten.

  9. That should have said “I believe the other flavors are still kosher”.

  10. I spoke with my bro-in-law who works for the OU since i was really disappointed about the status of the mushroom flavor (yum!) he said Gd willing pretty soon they will be kosher again, they have plans to i guess change and certify that flavor again. I got so excited when i heard this! (though he didn’t know exactly when the change will take place)

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