{Update} New $1 OFF Special K Coupon

$1 off coupon Special K

Here’s a rare $1/2 coupon for any one box two boxes of Special K cereal. Use your back button to print two copies – and if you have multiple computers, you can get two coupons with each computer! {Sorry guys, when this coupon was emailed to me this morning from Kellogg’s it said in big bold print that it was save $1 off 1 box… but when I went to print it this afternoon I saw that it was $1 off 2 boxes — still a decent coupon, but not quite as exciting as I’d thought.}

Hang on to these, as I suspect there is probably going to be a gift card deal coming up soon at Target, so you should be able to get cereal for well under my target price of $1 per box.

We love the blueberry flavor of Special K — no High Fructose Corn Syrup and totally yum!

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